May 2012

During last week’s food donation, I was introduced to Mirta, a wonderful lady that runs a rescue group called Chain of Love Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. She also works with My Animals Rock. Mirta is a busy woman. When she found out I had a weakness for adorable puppies, she asked if I would like to go with her to rescue a few.

If your dog loves crunchy baked treats, then this is your lucky day! MrChewy has just added a pile of new varieties of baked treats from Old Mother Hubbard. Take a look at the full line of crunchy baked treats from Old Mother Hubbard – you’re bound to find a great new treat for your pet!

Whew… what a busy week!’s Shelter & Rescue Program donated over 3,000 lbs of pet food to nonprofit no-kill rescues and shelters in three counties across South Florida. The best part of our busy week? Meeting all of the wonderful animal lovers and witnessing the incredible things they are doing for so many cats and dogs in need.

I like to get new training clients in my corner in the first minute. A nearly instant response to a brand-new concept makes the dog look like a genius and earns me astonished looks from the proud owner. During a recent first meeting with two perfectly matched, three month old Goldendoodle brothers, my boat-sized shoes were scaled and my pant leg gnawed. Soft, playful growling sounds came from the copper-colored fur on my feet. “Watch!” I said and pointed to my nose, and made a unique squeak noise with my lips. The puppies ceased their attack on my lower extremities and two furry faces tilted upward, captivated by this new approach to their goofy greeting. Simple, but effective.