Kitty's Corner

It may seem like your cat has nine lives, but there's more to a cat's ability to always land on its feet than magic. Guru of all-things-feline Amy Shojai explains how cats are able to survive seemingly fatal falls.

As "Happy Cat Month" comes to an end, Animal Behavior expert Amy Shojai explains how to check the c'attitude and make sure your furry friend is pleased.

Sometimes the best toy doesn't come in the box... it is the box! Animal Behavior Consultant Amy Shojai shares a few of her cat's favorite homemade toys for budget-minded pet-parents.

Wondering about those crazy games they play? Animal Behavior expert Amy Shojai details your kitten's developmental stages and explains the importance of kitty play.

Cats are the kings and queens of weird and wacky. Animal Behavior Expert Amy Shojai explains how some of that zany behavior is actually a love letter to you.

Think of separation anxiety as a kind of grief behavior. After all, when you walk out the door, your cat has no way of knowing how soon you'll return.

Cats? They can be a little weird. But few things are stranger than their insistence on following us into the bathroom and getting a little too personal. Animal behavior specialist Amy Shojai explains your cat's obsession with interrupting your time on the throne.

One pet is fun. Adding another can really double the love. But simply dumping the newcomer into your existing pet family may cause problems for the resident critters as well as the new kitten or pup on the block. Before falling head-over-paws for that big-eyed, needy stray, take into consideration your current pets, your living conditions, and how best to match a new cat or dog to the pets who already share your heart and your home.