Pet Nutrition

As companion animals continue to transition from "family pet" to "family member" more people are paying close attention to what they feed their favorite fur ball. PetPlan co-founder Natasha Ashton gives a tasty preview of 6 superfoods and the health benefits they offer your cat or dog.

From Kcals to water weight, pet food labels are a mysterious thing. Pet Wellness and Lifestyle expert Jenn Fadal helps demystify the mystical to ensure your pet's eating right.

Changing seasons mark a great time to give a little extra attention to your dog's skin and coat. Pet Wellness and Lifestyle expert Jenn Fadal gives the scoop on DIY grooming, diet, and supplements that will have your pup ready for fall.

Many of my customers have athletic dogs that run by their side for miles, are the fastest dog at the dog park, and at the end of the day still have an abundance of get-up-and-go. These energy burning fur balls need to be fed properly to maintain their vigorous lifestyle and keep us on our toes! Here are a few focus areas sure to fuel your pet’s inner Olympian:

The Summer often brings a burning thermometer. While we can maintain our bodies by frequenting our favorite air-conditioned gym, it’s not so easy for our pets. Rocketing temperatures and heavy humidity tend to slow-our-pets-down. Decreased activity coupled with steady or increased food consumption can make it easy for pets to pack on the pounds over the next few months. Keeping your pet’s figure streamlined vs. blimp-like is easier than you might think.

Things are a-changin’ in the pet food world. Now, more than ever, options abound. Grain-free formulas continue to be a very popular choice, but many pet parents still have many questions. Why grain free? How will my pet benefit? Are these diets really healthy?