Crunchy Dog Treats from Old Mother Hubbard

If your dog loves crunchy baked treats, then this is your lucky day!  MrChewy has just added a pile of new varieties of baked treats from Old Mother Hubbard.  

The Old Mother Hubbard Baking Company began baking in Gloucester, MA over 80 years ago and their classic recipes still live on today. While the classics remain, they’ve added a bunch of new flavor options!  The assortment includes Original Flavor, Char-Tar, P-Nuttier, Just Vegg’n, Bac’N’Cheez, Liv’R’Crunch, and Chick’N’Apples. You’re guaranteed to find a taste that your dog craves.  And if you can’t pick just one flavor, try an assortment bag that includes a mix of many of the flavors. 

Don’t forget that feeding your dog baked treats promotes healthy teeth and gums, plus dogs love to chump down on crunchy treats.  Old Mother Hubbard also provides functional treats so that you can provide your dog with a reward that also benefits their health.  There are low fat treats to help control your pet’s weight, minty treats for fresh breath, and tartar control biscuits to help keep teeth clean.

Take a look at the full line of crunchy baked treats from Old Mother Hubbard – you’re bound to find a great new treat for your pet!