Introducing BLUE Healthy Gourmet Canned Cat Food

Finicky Felines Demand: “We Want Variety!”

It’s no news to some cat owners, but occasionally their pets just won’t eat their usual food. For cats with sensitive stomachs, allergies, other dietary restrictions, or just a dislike for the way certain meats taste, it’s not as easy as switching one can of food for another.

Before switching flavors and risking upset stomachs, Blue Buffalo offers a simpler solution.

Change the texture.

With the Healthy Gourmet line of canned cat food from Blue Buffalo, you can offer your fussy feline a formula that their digestive system is used to—chicken, tuna, salmon, or turkey—in three different cuts and textures: flaked, sliced, or grilled. Each textured option contains the same healthy fruits, veggies, and protein source drenched in savory gravy, but gives the variety your cat is craving. Blue Buffalo ensures your cat is getting the best in nutrition and an all-natural diet by making the entire line of Healthy Gourmet free from wheat, corn, soy, or animal byproducts.

Flaked for breakfast. Grilled for dinner. Sliced when it’s time for dessert. The options are endless!

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