Shelter & Rescue Spotlight: Kodi's Club Rescue

Here’s the thing: caring for an animal doesn’t have to stop with the one in your home. Or neighborhood. Or city.

Pets in need don’t understand state lines. Neither does Kodi’s Club Rescue.

When Albuquerque, New Mexico resident Mary Jaynes saw the pictures of a sick Rottweiler in her local shelter, she could see the pain he had known. Gabriel was emaciated, he had large patches of missing fur, his paws were bleeding. He’d been chained outside and was lying in a puddle of mud from melted snow.

What the pictures didn’t show was the other conditions he was suffering from: multiple fungal infections, Ringworm, low thyroid levels, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency. His immune system had shut down. His teeth were rotting, the bottom ones broken or missing completely. Because of his severe malnutrition, frostbite, mange, and other ailments, the local shelter saw no other choice, and scheduled him to be put down.

Mary immediately sent out a plea to local rescues, but with time running out, she posted Gabriel’s pictures on Facebook and sent requests to shelters across the country.

One request found its way to Beth Gordon, director of Kodi’s Club Rescue in Pennsylvania. 1800 miles away. When she saw the pictures, she cried.

“I couldn’t help but think about the injustice of him losing his life not knowing love and the basic comforts in life like food, being clean, being healthy, and feeling loved,” says Beth. She responded on the spot, and agreed to rescue Gabriel. He was scheduled to be euthanized the following morning.

“While Kodi’s Club has always had a ‘no boundaries’ policy,” she said, “facilitating a rescue on the other side of the country was very challenging. But challenges open up opportunities and growth.”

When Mary read Beth’s response to her plea for help, she had to look twice. “A rescue operating out of Pennsylvania answers a plea for help for a sick, homeless animal living in Albuquerque?” It seemed unreal.

It took working through a lot of red tape to rescue Gabriel, because Kodi’s Club had never worked with the shelter before. He was released a few days later and placed in his first foster home—a home that, unfortunately, didn’t work out. He moved in with Mary and her family next.

For the next six months, they took Gabe to the vet every two weeks. The vet, Mary, and Beth put together a treatment plan to bring him back to health: a regimen of medications, oral surgery, multiple baths every week with medicated shampoo. During his care, Mary and her family became even more attached to the Rottweiler. They already had two dogs, but, in her words, “after many conversations with Beth and some serious soul searching, I decided this boy was here to stay. I couldn’t imagine him being transplanted after all he has been through.”

Even though he’s had so many health issues and lacked early socialization, Gabe has adjusted nicely to his new family. And why wouldn’t he? A typical week involves daily walks, frozen yogurt, playtime with toys, and a trip to a local outdoor café. He’s the most well behaved dog in the house, and has a kiss for everyone he meets. 

About Kodi’s Club Rescue

Kodi’s Club Rescue firmly believes that we can make a difference to those rescues we take into our care and we will strive daily to do whatever is in our power and abilities to accomplish that goal.

They have rescued dogs from across the country, including dogs from states across the country including Georgia, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and West Virginia.

To find out more about Kodi’s Club, or to donate to their mission, visit their Facebook page or website.