Shelter & Rescue Spotlight: Pets for Patriots

Pets for Patriots Loyalty. Love. Honor. They’re words we throw around a lot. Probably too much. But some people live those words. And thanks to one organization, those people can have a four-legged friend that lives them, too.  

For the last three years, Pets for Patriots has been transforming the lives of our veterans by helping them save an at-risk shelter dog or cat. But really, they do more than that. Sometimes the adoptions save two lives.  

To be convinced, you only need to glance at their blog. Dozens of stories are told, ranging from a recently married—and recently returned from deployment—couple just starting a family to one man who admits that his new pet helps “take me out of the despair I felt all the years since I lost my wife.”  

But at Pets for Patriots, they don’t stop at helping veterans adopt a pet; they also offer financial assistance for food and vet care to those who have served so selflessly. With a commitment to make pet ownership achievable and affordable for men and women in the military, they partner with veterinarians around the country to offer reduced-cost medical care to patriots and their pets, offer annual contributions for pet food and other essentials, and even work with manufacturers to provide special discounts on pet products and services.  

You might say they go above and beyond the call of duty.  If you’re a patriot interested in meeting your new best friend, go here. If you are a citizen, and would like to give a gift to help make it possible for at-risk animals to find a forever home, you can do it here.  

At, we’re not just honored to have Pets for Patriots as part of our Shelter & Rescue Network, we’re proud to have the opportunity to help save two lives at once. Thank you, veterans, for the sacrifices you have made, and continue to make. Thank you, Pets for Patriots, for working so tirelessly to connect our most valued men and women with their most loyal friend.  

A few things in life may bring a person and a pet more healing than the love and loyalty of a companion, but the list is pretty short.


About Pets for Patriots: The mission of Pets for Patriots is to end animal homelessness by supporting the permanent placement of adult dogs and cats with every available, able and willing military family in the U.S., enriching the lives of animals and our military members. Pets for Patriots is a registered 501(c)3 organization. For more information, visit their website and friend them on Facebook.