Tigger's Second Chance

Tigger the Pit Bull was like a lot of shelter dogs, he didn’t know why he ended up tied to a fire hydrant in January, or why he ended up in the loving hands of Byram Animal Rescue Kindness Squad—or, as they are more commonly known, BARKS.

The brindle Pit Bull was extremely fear aggressive when he was brought to BARKS and required a lot of TLC from the BARKS dog team volunteers. “[We] felt that he could be a great dog under the right circumstances” said Diane, a member of the dog team. She was very grateful that Tigger ended up with BARKS because they were able to work with him slowly and patiently, and find him the right type of home.

Tigger spent over a year with BARKS until Chris Hemmings saw the brochure with his picture on the front and filled out the adoption application “It broke my heart to hear he had been with them for over a year and I could not wait to meet him” said Hemmings. After filling out the application and speaking to Diane, it was decided that Hemmings would come to the shelter and meet Tigger to try to form a bond with him. The first meeting ended with Tigger lunging at Hemmings with an attempt to pet him.

Chris did not give up hope, and neither did the BARKS volunteers. With a lot of work from the volunteers and a lot of patience from Hemmings, weekly visits were making slow progress. Hemmings was soon able to walk Tigger with a volunteer, then walk him alone and even started to have weekend visits to his home. One day at around three and a half weeks into the weekend visits Hemmings was on a solo walk with Tigger when he sat down to take a break and the next thing he knew Tigger was in his lap, licking his face and allowing Hemmings to finally pet him. Within a matter of weeks Tigger had finally found his forever home.

While no one may ever know the true history of Tigger, Chris, his partner Scott, and their Great Dane named Garbo are forever grateful that the BARKS volunteers had the time and patience to work with Tigger so that he could become a member of their family. With a great team on his side Tigger was able to shine and has been given the life he should have had from the start.

About BARKS: BARKS is a non-profit companion animal rescue organization in Byram Township, New Jersey. They only have one employee of the township who comes in for 3 hours per day, 5 days a week to feed the animals and help clean the facility. Volunteers complete all other shelter operations. They primarily take in dogs and cats through county animal control and provide placement for approximately 200 cats and kittens and 50 dogs and puppies each year, as well as assisting with TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) and spay/neuter services.

We’re proud to have BARKS as a member of the Chewy.com Shelter & Rescue Network. To find out more about BARKS, read more stories of the pets and people they have brought together, or donate to their mission visit their website or join their Facebook group.