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World-Class Pet Food from Fresh Regional Ingredients

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Acana grain-free dog and cat food is made from regional ingredients delivered fresh to the factory every day. Produced by a family owned and operated pet food company with a 25-year tradition of quality, this dry food contains ingredients like free-run chicken, whole eggs, pacific salmon, wild-caught flounder, steel-cut oats, russet potatoes and organic sea vegetables.

Acana's canine formulas are preservative-free and loaded with goodness to nourish your dog completely. In order to meet Fido's evolutionary need for rich and diverse protein sources, this kibble is 60% protein. The remaining 40% consists of fruits, veggies and select botanicals, plus generous infusions of omega-3 to support a luxuriant skin and hair coat—your pet’s outer symbol of vitality.

Meanwhile, Acana's feline formulas are likewise high in protein (65%) and low in carbohydrates, to match your cat's natural diet. This kibble is also free of the high-glycemic cereal grains found in most conventional cat foods. Organic sea vegetables from Canada's North Pacific absorb toxins and serve as a rich source of essential trace minerals. Veterinary selected botanicals mirror your cat's instinct to forage for plants that enhance metabolism and nourish the body, while non-rendered essential fatty acids support immunity.

Acana Key Benefits:

  • Biologically appropriate for all breeds and life stages
  • Ingredients are "fit for human consumption" and delivered fresh daily
  • All recipes are grain-free and easily digestible, so even allergy prone pets can enjoy a naturally delicious diet

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