Bil-Jac Dog Food Brand Summary

Bil-Jac Dog Food Brand Summary

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Proper Nutrition, Premium Ingredients

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bil jack recalls, news, events, and facebookFrom crunchy kibble to tasty treats, Bil-Jac's premium dog food contains a balanced blend of vitamins, minerals and protein – lots and lots of protein. Because Fido is a meat-loving carnivore, Bil-Jac packs their recipes full of fresh chicken and chicken organ meat. To put it into perspective, each 15-pound bag of Bil-Jac dry dog food contains 12 pounds of chicken. That, my friends, is a lot of chicken. But that’s not all! In addition to chicken, chicken and more chicken, Bil-Jac recipes include: high quality carbohydrates to provide your pet with an added energy boost.; essential nutrients, including omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, to nourish Fido's skin and coat; and an optimal blend of amino acids, scientifically balanced to meet your dog's needs.

In fact, amino acids – like leucine, lysine, arginine and methionine – are fundamental to superior nutrition. These essential amino acids cannot be sufficiently manufactured by the dog’s body and must be obtained through dietary sources. Leucine and lysine help rebuild muscle protein that breaks down during exercise. Arginine and methionine help support a healthy immune system.

Benefits of Bil-Jac Dog Food

  • The primary protein source in Bil-Jac’s dry food and treats is real chicken and real chicken organs
  • Recipes contain zero grain gluten meals or grain protein concentrates
  • Bil-Jac's superior quality dog food contains the proper fiber balance for optimum digestion

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