Tasty Dental Hygiene for Dogs

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Flossies are one of Merrick pet food’s top-selling treats. These long-lasting, all-natural chews are the ideal way to keep your canine companion occupied between meals, entertained when you’re not around and occupied when you’re in need of a little time to yourself. There’s nothing better than gnawing on a savory bovine or water buffalo tendon. Take your dog’s word for it! And, best of all, the unique winding shape of these long-lasting treats creates a natural chewing friction against Fido’s teeth to help clean away plaque and protect your pup from periodontal disease.

Merrick’s secret to success is a simplistic approach to preparing their treats. They use as few steps as possible during the manufacturing process in order to retain as much of the natural benefits and flavors of their gourmet ingredients as possible, resulting in a human-grade pet food that’s hormone and antibiotic free, and contains no artificial chemical preservatives, additives or by-products.

Benefits of Flossies Dog Treats:

  • No artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or by-products
  • Made from the finest USDA sourced ingredients
  • Designed for clean and healthy teeth

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