The Original Smart-Treat

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Greenies are a great tasting pet treat with a purpose – freshening your four-legged friend’s breath and keeping periodontal disease at bay. Developed with the help of a board certified veterinary nutritionist, the original toothbrush-shaped Greenies dental chew was born. The product line has expanded since then to include treats for dogs that need to drop a pants size or two, seniors, and even cats!

Administered daily, Greenies dental chews do more than clean teeth and freshen breath. They reduce plaque and tartar — the leading causes of gingivitis and periodontal disease. How do they work? The unique, chewy formulation allows teeth to sink in, maximizing contact with tooth surfaces, disrupting the plaque and tartar buildup that lead to periodontal disease. Filled with highly soluble proteins that break down into smaller teeth cleaning, easy-to-swallow, and digestible bits, Greenies also deliver a balanced blend of vitamins and minerals in each and every bite.

Benefits of Greenies Dental Treats

  • Greenies are healthy, beneficial treats that promote optimal dental health without sacrificing taste or enjoyment
  • All Greenies dental chew formulations have been awarded the Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Seal of Acceptance for control of plaque and tartar
  • Greenies dental treats contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and are made in the USA

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