Orijen Pet Food Brand Summary

Orijen Pet Food Brand Summary

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Nourish as Nature Intended

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You may be surprised to learn that Orijen is made with human grade ingredients that are probably fresher than the meats and produce that make a nightly appearance on your dinner table. The ingredients in Orijen pet food could double as a shopping list for a nutritionally balanced pantry: free-range chicken, freshwater fish, organic kelp, red delicious apples, sweet potato, sun-cured alfalfa. Feeling hungry yet? And don't forget that Orijen pet foods are low on carbs! As carnivores, dogs and cats are anatomically adapted to metabolize meat proteins and fats as energy sources -- they have absolutely no carbohydrate requirement. You won't find useless fillers like corn, rice or grains in the protein rich formulas of Orijen, although there are plenty of fruits and veggies to compliment the variety of regional, and sustainably raised, meats used in Orijen dog food and Orijen cat food.

Chewy.com is happy to offer the full line of Orijen pet foods options delivered directly to your doorstep. From puppies and kittens to adult dogs and cats, we've got your pets' food needs covered.

Benefits of Orijen Pet Food

  • Orijen is loaded with richly nourishing meats, including free-run poultry, whole eggs, free-range red meats and wild-caught fish - all in a biologically appropriate ratio of 80 percent meat, 20 percent fruits and vegetables and zero grain.
  • Carbohydrate-limited and grain-free Orijen dog food supplies healthful regional fruits, vegetables and botanicals - including sea vegetables, juniper berries and marigold flowers - that are naturally rich in phytonutrients, B-vitamins and essential trace minerals.
  • Orijen cat food is infused with marine-source DHA & EPA omega-3 fatty acids to support peak skin and coat conditioning - your cat's outer signs of health and vitality.

Orijen has a fantastic rating at Chewy.com. Both Cat and Dog Food categories have top ratings and the reviews to back it up!