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Royal Canin Brand Summary

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Royal Canin USA Announces the Voluntary Nationwide Recall of its Dry Pet Food Products Containing Rice Protein Concentrate. ...
Charles, Missouri -- May 11, 2007 -- Royal Canin USA is announcing today the voluntary nationwide recall of eight Sensible Choice dry dog food ...
... _____ PRODUCT a) Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Canine Urinary SO, Food for Dogs, packaged in 13.6 oz. ...
... RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER Recalling Firm: Royal Canin USA, Inc., Saint Charles, MO, by press release, telephone, e-mail and letters ...

About Royal Canin

Knowledge and Respect



Since 1967, Royal Canin has been a forerunner in the field of pet nutrition. They were the first to develop a diet exclusively for large-breed dogs and recently introduced a diet tailored to the specific needs of extra-small breeds… and speaking of breeds, Royal Canin even makes pet food for specific dog and cat breeds. Is your dachshund ready for dinner? Try Royal Canin Dachshund 28 Dry Dog Food. Does your main coon have the munchies? You'll need Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Maine Coon 31 Formula Dry Cat Food.

For more than 40 years, Royal Canin has looked to pets' needs, rather than pet owners' desires, when it comes to designing the healthiest pet food possible. Taking into account your pet's specific morphological, physiological and nutritional features, the culinary geniuses at Royal Canin have created a dry and wet food formula that takes your four-legged friend's true nutritional requirements into consideration. Royal Canin dog food and Royal Canin cat food contains superb nutrition based on superb science. You won't find any fish-shapes in this cat food or peanut butter in this kibble - only high quality nutrients, vitamins and amino acids to keep your dog or cat living long and going strong. is happy to offer a selection of premium Royal Canin dog food and Royal Canin cat food, as well as prescription formulas to help minimize clinical signs, promote recovery and help manage disease, delivered directly to your doorstep.

Benefits of Royal Canin Pet Food

  • Royal Canin dog food and Royal Canin cat food diets are tailored to your pet's specific physiological needs
  • Packed with vitamins and amino acids to fortify the skin's barrier to allergens and improve life expectancy
  • Packaged under a protective controlled atmosphere to conserve all of the food's natural flavor and nutritional qualities


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