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Gourmet Whole Food

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Tiki Cat offers a wide selection of gourmet recipes featuring grain-free, human-grade ingredients including ahi tuna, salmon, tilapia, calamari, tiger prawns and chicken. All products are made with whole meats and fish that are left intact. There are no fillers used in Tiki Cat’s recipes. Instead, the main ingredients in each formula mirror the ingredients highlighted in the product name. For example, Tiki Cat Hawaiian Grill Ahi Tuna Canned Cat Food contains tuna, tuna broth and sunflower seed oil… and that’s it.

In addition to premium, unaltered ingredients, Tiki Cat uses healthy broth, rather than fattening gravy, to process their flavorful formulas, resulting in cat food that meets the most restrictive diets prescribed by veterinarians today. And not only is Tiki Cat veterinarian approved, it’s also in keeping with the time honored feline tradition of hunting prey. Even the tiniest of kittens stalk, chase, pounce, attack, and look pretty darn adorable while doing it. Tiki Cat's measured values of moisture, protein and fat meets your cat's biological dietary needs, allowing your feline friend to flourish.

Benefits of Tiki Cat Food

  • Tiki Cat's balance of protein and fats reduces problem shedding, itchy skin and allergies
  • All formulas are low-magnesium, low-phosphate, low-sodium, low-carb, and safe for all adult life stages
  • Tiki Cat is biologically appropriate, resulting in a diet that is: more nutritionally absorbent, more easily digestible, promotes normal organ and digestive function, and prevents numerous illnesses

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