Shelter & Rescue Referral Program

Raise Money Through our Rescue Referral Program

Every good turn deserves another! The Shelter & Rescue Referral Program is a great way to raise money for your non-profit. For every person your organization refers to that places an order, you will receive a $20 donation!


You'll have access to a library of Banners, Icons and Links

We'll provide a library of banners, icons and links for you to use on your website, newsletter and social channels! We'll even supply the code so that it's super easy for your webmaster to add. We also have a team of smart techies that can help you or even do it for you! We're happy to help.




You'll receive your own Unique Landing Page

We will create your own unique landing page and web address welcoming your referrers to This page will include your logo, name, location and a brief description about your organization.




Print materials too!

You will have access to all kinds of printed materials such as posters, new adopter welcome kits, and pamphlets to promote our partnership and help drive more referrals.





Learn more about the available programs: