Amy Robinson

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Certified Dog Trainer

Amy Robinson spent her childhood absorbing Lassie movies and practicing her future dog training skills on all her neighbor’s dogs. Now in her twenty-second year as a respected pro, Amy has earned national recognition and logged many television appearances. She has been a featured pet expert on Lifetime’s The Balancing Act and Designing Spaces, and a popular guest on Florida’s most popular NBC newscast in Palm Beach. Her acumen for helping families with children as young as three years prompted her to write and produce the Drool School DVD for kids and dogs, earning a Parents’ Choice Recommended Award and a “Two paws up!” review from Booklist. She writes the True Tails column and contributes articles to Vero Beach Magazine, and has been published in BARK magazine.

Amy is D.A.R.T. certified by the HSUS for disaster animal rescue and raced to help pets in peril on the Gulf coast after Hurricane Katrina. She consults for Paws and Stripes in Florida, a jail-based training program using shelter dogs, and is an certified evaluator and team member for Therapy Dogs International. Her rescued bully mix, Mac, is a favorite at local nursing homes and with neighborhood children.

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