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Bergan Scratcher Replacement Pads By Bergan

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Bergan Scratcher Replacement Pads

These replacement pads fit both the Turbo Scratcher and the Star Chaser cat toys extending their life and the life of your furniture as well! Provides many additional hours of play and enjoyment for your cat.

Key Benefits

  • Made from corrugated cardboard
  • Includes (2) refill pads
  • Fits Turbo Scratcher & Star Chaser toys
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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Item Number 64227

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Bergan Scratcher Replacement Pads Customer Reviews

Bergan Scratcher Replacement Pads 4.9 5 21 21
MY CATS love this! Entertains them and they love to scratch on it! Thumbs up for this product. Wish I could find it in the stores all the time! November 19, 2013
nice products the turbo scratcher is a great quality toy along with the star chaser ball inside the cats love it and the refill scratcher pads are the cheapest compared to amazon and walmart. April 13, 2014
Grading It depends on what kind of claw and how aggressive your cat is at scratching. Our beloved adopted alley cat who is so used to living outside almost his entire life until 3 years ago loves scratching on this pad. He goes to town with this scratching pad and he shreds it like nobody's business. It is amazing how often I have to buy refill pads for him. I wish they have different grade of pads and name it; dainty, average, go to town (which is what I would get for mine). By the way, this cat has an interesting story. For being an alley cat, initially when we partially adopted him we wanted him to have the freedom of outdoor/indoor lifestyle. Then, one day he didn't come back to see us. We didn't see him for 10 days and we were very worried thinking he could probably captured, lost or hit by a car. We posted signs, searched animal shelters and continued calling for him. Then on night 11th, we called out as usual and he responded. It turned out that he was trapped in the crawl space underneath the building next to us. He is now a fully adapted to living indoor. That is why this scratching pad is important to him. It is his claim to his home and his new lifestyle of retiring the streets. Thank you! March 19, 2014
It's like a new toy! My cats didn't play with the Turbo Scratcher, so I thought I'd buy replacements for the center and see if that would change their minds. It's now the hot toy in the house. March 17, 2014
great product I have a Bergan Round Cat Scratcher. All three of my cats love to scratch the furniture. The Bergan seems to fill the void for them and they use it daily. Has cut down the scratching of furniture and rugs immensely. I found the replacement pads to be a better price than in the pet stores. Thank you CHEWY.COM! February 18, 2014
Great product for Cats I bought a Star Chaser Toy with the Turbo Scratcher in it when we first adopted our two cats. The one plays with the lighted ball and uses the scratcher and my big male just loves to use the scratcher, in fact he is the one that usually rips it to shreds after months and months of use. The Turbo Scratchers last a long time. This is the only toy that they both continually have used over the past four years. I thought the light in the ball was going out but it is like the energiser bunny, it just keeps going and going. January 29, 2014
Love it! My cat LOVES it!!!! He now runs to the scratching pad, more frequently than my favorite chair. January 28, 2014
My cat loves this My cat is an indoor cat and she loves this scratching pad to keep her claws groomed. This replacement pad fits into the Turbo Scratcher toy. I am glad to be able to find the refills and had the best price. My order was shipped promptly and I had no problems. January 23, 2014
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