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Cat Mate C20 2-Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder, 48-hour feeder

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Cat Mate C20 2-Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder, 48-hour feeder

The Cat Mate C20 is designed to feed one or two cats, kittens or small dogs when you are away - during the day, evening or over the weekend. Food is kept fresh in two easy-clean compartments sealed by closely fitting lids, and cooled by a built-in ice pack. Just set the timer on each lid to open at the required time, up to 48 hours later.

Key Benefits

  • Two large food bowls each hold 450g (1lb) wet food
  • Easy-clean, removable, dishwasher-proof lids and bowls
  • Ice pack helps keep food fresh
  • For dogs, feeder may be easily attached to a wooden board
  • Easy-to-use 48-hour timer gives 12 months battery life. (Requires 1 x AA/LR6 battery)

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Cat Mate C20 2-Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder Customer Reviews

Cat Mate C20 2-Bowl Automatic Pet Feeder 4.1 5 8 8
Problem with timers... I have two cats and need the lids to open at exactly the same time because one cat is a "chow" cat and the other is a reluctant eater. Even though set to the same time, the lids open up at significantly different times -- from 15 minutes apart to more than an hour. Thus, the automatic timer will not work for me -- even if though I bought 2 of them -- the lids all open at different times, even though they were set (to the best of my ability) to the same time. Frustrating! October 10, 2014
Simple, practical problem solver Needed a way to feed kitty midday during long work days. After one test feeding in bowl (separate from feeder), she had no problems having the feeder in her dining area. Small (but plenty big for her), easy to set simple mechanical timers, easy to remove/clean bowls, easy to remove/replace ice pack. No frills, no internet hook up, no web cams ...but hey, it does a great job of feeding the cat. Construction - plastic, sturdy, simple. Note: kitty is, well, a cat (always ready to snack) but is not food driven. October 11, 2014
Happy cat My healthy 17 year old cat would wake me up at 2:00am wanting food with her loud meow. If I leave out food, she'll eat it all and become very over weight. I now have three of these feeders. No more middle of the night wake up calls, and I can go on an overnight trip without having to ask someone to come over and feed my cat. I wish I had gotten these years ago. October 10, 2014
This product provides food for pets and peace of mind for pet companions I have several of these timed-feeders, and I've been using them, or their precursor, since 1989. I love them. For me, they are especially useful when I am away on trips. I then have to pay my pet sitter for only 2 visits a day, and the babies get a fresh third meal late at night. The ice pack under the food keeps everything in good order for about 5 hours, and, if you refrigerate the food you place in the feeder in advance, or utilize the feeder in an air-conditioned space, it will stay fresh even longer. These timed-feeders are very reliable if the battery is ok, the feeder is not set in a wet area (the timing mechanism is on the bottom and open to the elements), and you NEVER turn the dial counterclockwise (ruined one that way once!). I always outfit the timers with a piece of cardboard taped over the timing mechanism and battery on the bottom in case anyone gets over-anxious for dinner and bats the feeder around. Of course, if they bat it too much as sometimes possums and other wildlife will do and toss it upside down, even when the timing mechanism releases the lid, it can't open. These feeders are not ant-proof, so place on an Antser or other ant-block tray. Just remember not to set them on a tray with water standing on it. As for, I just discovered them recently and have ordered a bunch of stuff from them including 2 timed-feeders. Their price on everything, particularly these 2-bowl timed-feeders, is great, and they ship really fast--no waiting 2 weeks for something! August 26, 2014
Not great for canned food. Fine for dry. Timers not the most accurate, but get the job done. The ice pack is so thin that it can't keep wet food cold for 8 hrs, much less overnight. In a pinch, freeze the next day's wet food beforehand, line the icepack compartment with aluminum foil and place unit on top of another cold pack (I have soft ones so I wrap it in a towel and place under the device). I've been able to do an overnight trip that way. August 21, 2014
Very good basic feeder. I like the simplicity of this feeder. I have two more-complicated versions (for different purposes) but for basic needs (when one needs just a couple of extra meals), you can't beat this one. The time can be adjusted as needed (not-preset) and, best of all, my cat can't raid the box before the desired feeding time! I know some reviews have indicated others' cats got it open before-hand but it's working well for me and mine. July 28, 2014
Quick delivery & great feeder Starting with the service, how could you not be happy with a company that received the order late on Saturday night, and the order was delivered to us the following Tuesday - without having to pay extra for quick shipping!! We have 3 cats that eat wet food, and we wanted to go away overnight without having a cat sitter come by. These feeders worked perfectly! With the ice pack to help keep food fresh, we followed the advice of another and refrigerated the wet food before putting it in the bowls. We fed the cats once in the bowls before setting them up for our trip, and they had no problem with the new bowls. Timers worked great during the test run, and all four bowls were open and food gone when we got home! July 12, 2014
Very Helpful Cat Feeder This cat feeder has been a wonderful resource when I have had to be away from the house. It is reliable, and the timer is easy to set. The unit can be used for kibble or canned food. The trays and lids can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. One small drawback: The lids are somewhat clumsy to reinsert after they have been removed for washing. Over all, this product is more reliable and easier to use than any other cat feeder I have tried. July 8, 2014
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