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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Urine Removal Program with Aromatherapy, 16-oz bottle

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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Urine Removal Program with Aromatherapy, 16-oz bottle

Dr. Elsey’s Quality Products for Cats launches a new product called Urine Removal Program. This product cleans up urine odor and removes stains. Removing the urine odor and stain from any surface can be one of the most important pieces in getting a cat back into its litter box again.This product will work in conjunction with Cat Attract Cat Litter, the behavioral modification cat litter. Dr. Elsey brings his experience and knowledge to this outstanding Urine Removal Program.  

With most products, after a couple of weeks the odors return. With Dr. Elsey’s Urine Removal Program, the odor does not return. The bacteria continues to produce enzymes as long as there is urine for them to feed on. As a result the bacterial/enzymatic action continues until all the urine is destroyed.

Key Benefits

  • Safe, natural and better for cats and cat owners
  • Removes urine odor, regardless of age
  • Enzyme-based formula developed to break down and eliminate urine
  • Improved formula for better cleaning and odor control
  • All naturally occurring bacteria
  • Long lasting bacterial/enzymatic action
  • Fast acting rapid breakdown of urine
  • Biodegradable – environmentally safe

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  • Precious Cat

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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Urine Removal Program with Aromatherapy Customer Reviews

Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Urine Removal Program with Aromatherapy 4.2 5 5 5
Not effective for cat urine marking I bought this product in Nov 2014 but didn't have a chance to use it until now (Feb 2015). The reason is that my cat, Leo, has been on a medication to treat his inappropriate urination and he's also in a confined room on his own. Now, thing starts to get better and he has been allowed to be out of his kitty jail for a certain period of time each day, under my and hubby supervision. We also start to withdraw his medicine. Unfortunately, Leo still marks. So. I use this product according to a direction and re-spray the same spot the second time when I can still smell his urine on the carpet. After a few days, the urine smell still there. Since I smell it, I'm sure cats smell it much stronger too. Perhaps, enzyme producing bacteria that claims to "eat" urine molecules have dropped death, so nothing to break down the stinky scent. Here is Pro and Cons; Pro: 1) no perfume to cover up the smell and leave a distinct or unpleasant scent. 2) come with useful instruction booklet; Cons: Cannot get rid of urine smell, but make the smelly spots worse (even after 3 days of uses). Oh well, my search for a better clean up product continue. February 27, 2015
Works Great Had some urine stains that were difficult to get rid of. This product cleaned them up and removed the scent that kept the cats coming back to that spot. November 24, 2014
smells great works great smells great and no chemical odors for you or your cat! October 17, 2014
Works well I have a senior kitty who sometimes misses the box...this works great & the odor is gone...less expensive than other brands too. October 5, 2014
haven't tried this yet. I have not used it yet. But due to the success of the kitty litter, I'd suspect it does the job it promises to do! September 24, 2014
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