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Drinkwell Foam Replacement Pre-Filters 2 Pack By Drinkwell

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Drinkwell Foam Replacement Pre-Filters 2 Pack

If there's one universal truth about dogs, it's that they're the most loyal, lovable creature on earth. If there's one other universal truth about dogs, it's that they're all messy drinkers. Keep shed hair and debris from clogging the pump of your pup's Drinkwell fountain with the Drinkwell Foam Replacement Pre-Filters 2 Pack. These foam filters keep the pump clean between cleanings, improve flow rate, and help provide fresh, filtered water for your loyal pal. Compatible with: Drinkwell Lotus, Stainless Steel 360, Avalon, and Pagoda Fountains.

Key Benefits

  • Captures shed hair
  • Keeps debris and dirt from entering pump
  • 2 filters per pack
  • Promotes healthy hydration for dogs and cats

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Drinkwell Foam Replacement Pre-Filters 2 Pack Customer Reviews

Drinkwell Foam Replacement Pre-Filters 2 Pack 4.8 5 5 5
keeps water cleaner Because I have so many cats I have doubled the filters and it seems to help with all the hair January 12, 2014
Works as Advertised This filter works perfectly for a minimum of 4 weeks as advertised. When I first bought my fountain, I couldn't find these filters anywhere, so I had the same one for probably 3-4 months. It was definitely in need of changing by then, but I think in most cases these filters should last 6-8 weeks. The only reason I'd see it not lasting so long is if the fountain isn't cleaned regularly or if you have a ton of cats, or ones that maybe go outdoors or have long hair. I have two shorthair indoor-only cats and the filter stays fur and debris-free for quite some time. March 19, 2014
Pricey but necessary These filters are effective enough as far as keeping excess debris out of the pump, but they are pricey! However, they're washable and reusable; with dish soap and a good rinse you should be able to get 1 to last for up to 8 weeks. January 12, 2014
This is necessary for the Drinkwell 360 fountain I could not find this product in any of the local pet supply stores, even the large chains. not only had it available but their price was significantly less than I had been paying. In addition, I received the items within several days. November 18, 2013
Great price on name brand product I bought 2 Drinkwell fountains for my cats but was having a difficult time finding the replacement filters. Chewy has them when I need them at half the price of the large pet store where I usually shop. September 15, 2013
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