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Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain By Drinkwell

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Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

Bye-bye bad tap water taste. Hello healthy hydration! Cats and dogs love the patented free-falling water stream from the Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain, and it's no mystery why. The replaceable charcoal filter gets rid of tap water odor and taste, and 50 ounces of water are constantly aerated to maximize the oxygen absorption in every sip. Pet parents have a reason to love it, too: it's dishwasher safe! 

Key Benefits

  • 50 oz water capacity
  • Ideal for cats & dogs under 40 pounds
  • Patented free-falling water stream entices pets to drink more
  • Replaceable charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odors
  • Receiving ramp reduces splash of falling water
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Completely disassembles for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe (excluding pump)
  • For indoor use only

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Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain Customer Reviews

Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain 4.4 5 41 41
This is exactly what I needed for my two cats. My two cats were in the habit of tugging at their water bowl and spilling it everywhere. One of them constantly "begged" for running water in the sink whenever I was in my bathroom. I went on a search and found the pet fountain. It is great. The directions warned that it might take pets some adjusting to get used to it. I could barely get it set up with my cats' natural curiosity driving them crazy! It took them maybe two seconds to take their first drinks. They love it and I feel much better about their water situation. July 6, 2013
This product does what its supposed to to. I just got our second fountain, the same model as before. The first one lasted about 6 years, running full time, and was still working, although was getting very noisy. I don't know if they drink more with the fountain, but I am sure they enjoy the running water. Maine Coon kittens like playing in it but with adulthood comes more, "serious", drinking. I keep a tray under the fountain in case, "someone", decides to put their paw under the running water and deflects it out of the bowl. August 22, 2013
Takes Getting Used To... Originally, my dogs were scared to death of the thing. I had another bowl of water down at first, just for that reason. I told them once that was gone, they're just gonna have to get used to the fountain. Well, they did, and now they love it! They don't even drink water outside anymore that they've found in puddles and bowls, they wait until they're inside to drink the deliciousness that is filtered water! October 10, 2013
Great features...good value This is my second Drinkwell fountain. With three cats, it doesn't take long for the water reservoir to become fouled. The Drinkwell does an excellent job of aerating the water and filtering out the particulate matter that inevitably is deposited by the cats after they've finished eating. I highly recommend this product, whether you have one cat or multiple cats. I believe Drinkwell makes a larger unit for dogs. My same review would apply as well. August 31, 2013
Excellent product! This is the second one we have owned and it works very well. Puppy loves to drink from the flowing water. Water is clean and cool and it works really well. Highly recommend. December 16, 2013
The Fountain works great... I bought this fountain for a couple of reasons. One, for me, as my eyesight is poor and I could never see the water running in the other manufacturers fountain bowl. My second reason is my cat is attracted by the sound of the cascading stream of water and the bubbles that cause him to bite at the water, in fun. The filter is also more substantial and the flow is totally adjustable. This is a nice addition to our kitchen due to the ambiance created by the bubbling water... November 6, 2013
Fountain works & cat uses it. Fountain helps keep cat from wanting to drink from sink and other water supplies. So far, operating well. October 28, 2013
If you're looking for a fountain system, this is the one. My cats spend so much time at the sink waiting for someone to turn on the faucet that I thought they would love this item. The fountain is great and works well. My cats just don't find it as appealing as the faucets in the house. December 4, 2013
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