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Ever Clean Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter By Ever Clean

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter

Maximum Clumping Power. Ever Clean Litter is America's first clumping cat litter. Their Premium clumping litter helps prevent liquid waste from reaching the bottom of the litter box where it can decompose and create odors.

Key Benefits

  • Made from a premium blend of natural minerals and clays
  • Pure, high-quality ingredients
  • Made from natural clay
  • 99.9% dust-free

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Item Number 45326

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Ever Clean Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter Customer Reviews

Ever Clean Extra Strength Scented Cat Litter 4.2 5 5 5
Best Litter I've tried yet! This litter has a really pleasant smell compared to some other more commercial litters. It clumps exceptionally well into little round lumps that are super easy to scoop up. The only downfall would be that it is a little dusty, but nothing that over pours the other aspects that I like about it. My cat seems to be satisfied with it as well and had no reservations about me switching over to this brand. I will be ordering this one again in the future! July 8, 2013
Great kitty litter I think I've tried them all, and I always go back to Ever Clean. No kitty litter is perfect but this product comes as close as you can get. It really cuts down on the kitty litter smell and is easy to clean. May 25, 2013
Scoopable not for us Well, this was my final attempt to get my two Maine Coons to accept scoopable litter - I thought it was the best yet but apparently for the same reason they hate it - granuales very small and really clump well....they get stuck in their paws so they won't even try to cover up the dirty deed. But if your cat loves scoopable litter this really is a good one. October 17, 2013
Best Litter Ever! I learned about this litter when cat-sitting for a friend. It is THE best out there. No smell eminates from the box, it is very clean, and it clumps well. It does not break apart, and it is long-lasting. October 15, 2013
It works. Does what it says it will do. Totally happy. Just works! Does what it says. All the time. Clumps. Scent helps eliminate doors. March 15, 2014
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