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Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter

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14-lb bag
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Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter, 14-lb bag

100% Natural Pine neutralizes strong odors on contact, leaving your home remarkably fresh! Highly-absorbent pine litter binds directly to ammonia odors and locks them away for good. Simply scoop and discard waste daily and you’ll enjoy a fresher, healthier home. Feline Pine Clumping Litter uses the odor-fighting powers of 100% natural pine instead of harsh chemicals, additives or synthetic perfumes to eliminate the toughest odors. It contains 100% natural pine, a clumping agent and mineral oil for dust control. It’s the smart choice for the health of your cat and home. Feline Pine Clumping Litter uses the power of a plant-derived clumping aid to help it clump tightly, so nothing is left behind but fresh litter. Using Feline Pine Scoop is the natural and healthy way to enjoy the benefits of a clumping cat litter. It is lightweight, which makes changing and filling the litter box faster and less strenuous.

Key Benefits

  • No added fragrances
  • Made with 100% Natural Pine
  • Clumps Tight
  • Leaves no messy cloud of dust so you can pour with ease
  • Lightweight

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Item Number 75431

100% natural pine, clumping agent and mineral oil. No added fragrances.

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Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter Customer Reviews

Feline Pine Scoop Clumping Cat Litter 3.8 5 25 25
Finally! Clumping Feline Pine! Feline Pine finally has a clumping litter -and it's great. One of my dogs has a severe corn and wheat allergy and loves getting into the cat boxes, so this is a great way to keep her safe when she does manage to eat some of it. My cats don't seem to like it as much as the corn-based one we usually use, and it doesn't have the sweet corn smell, but it clumps just fine and I don't notice an odor (I have two cats and two litter boxes). The box it comes in is also incredibly handy and I prefer it quite a bit to the plastic bags. It makes for easy storing and I don't have to repackage it. February 14, 2012
Natural litter is best, but Feline Fresh clumps better Finding natural clumping pine litter isn't easy where I live, and I started out using Feline Pine and found it acceptable, but when I wanted to buy more I couldn't find it, so I tried Feline Fresh clumping pine litter, and found it actually clumps, and holds together much better so you can remove urine soaked litter without having most of it fall through the scoop, where it continues to contaminate the clean pine sawdust, causing you to have to throw away clean litter to get rid of the wet pine, and making more frequent changes of the litterbox necessary. When I went to buy more Feline Fresh, I again found none on the shelves, so I came here and got the Feline Pine again, but when this runs out I intend to come back and hopefully will be able to get the Feline Fresh, since it clumps better and lasts longer before you have to clean out the whole box. July 25, 2013
Not as good as former pine litter made by same company This product is good for controlling odor but it is messy, heavy and is used up quickly. I do love for quickest service ever. December 31, 2012
Good choice We switched to Feline Pine Clumping after unpleasant experiences with wheat and corn-based litter. After using it for almost six months, I'm a fan. It does a great job of capturing odors, it clumps well and one box goes a long way. December 30, 2012
NOT natural anymore. This stuff now has mineral oil in it! Bad for your cat and you. September 25, 2013
I was surprized that the litter was a differant texture from the previous product.Did the product change? Was the product textured changed. it appears to be ground to a more powdery consistency. I prefer the original larger texture. July 31, 2013
Greatest The natural wood cat litter is the best we have ever used for our two cats and the litter does not harm any new standing or healthy trees. November 17, 2013
Feline Pine clumping is the best! My cat Cleo is very discriminating and will ONLY use Feline Pine Clumping cat litter. The nearby pet stores only carry the non clumping Feline Pine, so I tried ordering from I was delighted to receive my order very promptly, and you can be sure that I will order from you from now on. With other cat litters, Cleo sneezes because of the dust generated. Feline Pine Clumping is composed of small particles but it doesn't generate dust. Also, it is environmentally superior to other products, being all natural. It is a terrific product and I am so glad you carry it. September 5, 2013
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