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Four Paws Ear Mite Cat Remedy, 3/4-oz-bottle

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Four Paws Ear Mite Cat Remedy, 3/4-oz-bottle

Cats don't just scratch their ears for the fun of it… sometimes they're dealing with irritating ear mites! Four Paws Ear Mite Cat Remedy is a fast, safe solution to getting rid of scab-causing ear mites and soothe your cat's irritated skin. It has added aloe vera to help heal scratched skin and ensure your pet's ears are healthy enough to hear the can opener from three rooms away.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly kills ear mites
  • Safe for all cats
  • Has aloe vera to soothe skin
  • Helps heal scabs and irritated skin

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Four Paws Ear Mite Cat Remedy Customer Reviews

Four Paws Ear Mite Cat Remedy 4.4 5 5 5
It works It's ear mite medicine, so it's not exactly like you can give it an in-depth review. It only gets 4 stars because the instructions say you have to introduce 5 drops into the cats ear canal, (which is hard to determine, given how slowly the drops drip) then massage the ear for 3-5 minutes. So I have an unhappy cat with an indeterminate amount of goo in his ear that he desperately wants to shake out, holding him and rubbing his ear whilst watching the clock. However, despite being a bit aggravating, it does in fact work, and my household is ear mite free after only 3 applications. Granted, it might have only taken 2, but the first didn't go well. Also, no one got sick from it, and I know I saw a paw rubbing it, and then being cleaned, so that's a bonus. Overall, I'd recommend it, just be aware that you really will need to hold onto your cat. April 5, 2014
It killed the ear mites quick! We found a stray kitten with ear mites and wanted to be sure to treat them before our other pets got them as well. The product says not to use on kittens under 12 weeks old. We were unsure about the kitten's age but she weighs about 4 lbs and felt the medicine would be okay if we cut the dosage in half. The ear mites seemed to die off by the 3rd day of using the drops. However it caused the kitten's ears to get dry and scabby, they were not like that at all until we used the drops. That was not an expected side affect and I wished it was mentioned on the label. We stopped using the product after 5 days instead of the recommended 7-10 because it was so irritating to the kitten whose ears seemed very bothered by the drops. So far we have not seen a return of the mites but it has only been a few days since we stopped use to they may return and we will just have to reuse the drops. I was very happy with the amount of drops in the bottle. I will be able to use it on our other pets if the mites spread to them. The cost of the product was amazing and it was way cheaper than having to go to the vet for a diagnosis and prescription for an obvious ear mite problem. Thank you for making this product available without a prescription. September 26, 2014
This product works great My cats didn't like me putting it in their ears but it worked really good to get rid of the problem. July 27, 2014
It worked well Treated both my kittens and after 3 doses no more mites, worked well and there skin on there ears didn't turn red or flake off like another review said there's did. December 20, 2014
great fast ship order was right and seems to be working on cats ear October 14, 2014
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