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Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter

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35-lb bag
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Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter, 35-lb bag

Fresh Step Extreme Clay Litter is specially designed to handle the stinkiest boxes. Take litter box freshness to the extreme with the Extreme Odor Control litter.

Key Benefits

  • CarbonPLUS provides extreme odor neutralization
  • Antimicrobial agents help stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria
  • 30 percent lighter that other leading clay litters

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Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter Customer Reviews

Fresh Step Clay Cat Litter 4.1 5 16 16
Perfect for kittens. We rescued two 4 week old kittens and our Vet said if you are going to use a litter only a clay and NOT a clumping till they are at least a few months old since the clumping can possibly cause a blocking in their lil intestines. We started out with small containers at 1st and yes they do toss the litter out and about . It goes everywhere if you have hardwood floors. Put something under the box. I tried cardboard at 1st but quickly swapped to a small rug and the use of a liner in their box as well. We tried a few different brands but found the Fresh Steps to do the BEST job with controlling any smells from the kittens. We used this brand and other Fresh Step clays as well with great results. Since we had them in a bedroom it was important to control any smells. January 17, 2014
Dustiest Litter EVER! If you need perfumey, super dusty cat litter that you need to dump every single day then I can't say that you shouldn't use this litter. But, if you're like me and don't want your house COVERED with a thick layer of litter dust within 24 hours of cleaning it then do NOT use this litter. Disgusting. Use Dr. Elsey's cat litters- NO DUST and no stench. June 6, 2014
One of the best cat litters. I switched to this non-clumping cat litter from other name brand(s) non-clumping cat litter due to the odor everyday that the other cat litter(s) that i tried just did not take care of. The urine smell is nearly obsolete with this one. Unlike the others. The fecal smell is covered much better as well. This cat litter is a little dusty but then they all are that i have tried. I prefer using the non-clumping cat litter over the clumping cat litter as I rather change the litter box all at once rather than to scoop and refill it daily. So I cannot comment on how this brand of clumping cat litter does. It does cost a little more than the other brands do, but it does a better job and it lasts as long as the others do per lbs. as it says it will on the bag and that's because the litter itself is made larger than the others that I have used. March 15, 2014
Excellent Odor Control I have two rescues, a male and a female. I have always used Fresh Step. I used the non-clumping kind because I find it lasts longer ( as long as you clean the litter box every few days). I clean the litter box and turn the litter and add a top layer. Sometimes I use a little baking soda as well. I tryed the clumping litter, it cost too much to use on a full time basis. There is a moderate amount of dust with this litter however, I have found that litter mats and a swipe with a damp mop take(s) care of the the dust issue. February 5, 2014
Fresh Step has multiple great features for multiple great cats! Fresh Step has such a fresh, clean scent that it smells good even if it were not in a multiple cat litter box. Also, being a fanatic about cleaning the box daily, it is great that it really clumps so that I can get the box clean and not waste litter because it has only clumped partially or is falling apart when trying to remove the clump from the box. In short, it smells good, clumps well and makes cleaning the box efficient. January 19, 2014
too chunky My cat's didn't like how large and chunky the litter was. It certainly smells fine and doesn't have that annoying scented cat litter smell. March 5, 2014
Love this particular kitty litter product!!! Both my kitty & myself love this cat litter product, for different reasons, naturally, and here is why: 1) It's 'clean' in kitty's use of it & it is primarily a natural product made up of clay. 2) The price is right, it's affordable. Have in the past tried out other cat litters also but did not like them so much for numerous reasons. This clay litter is absolutely The Best! December 5, 2013
My kittens love this My first order on Chewy for my two adopted baby kittens was the 25-lb dusty version of the Fresh Step litter in a box. It was dusty and controlled the odor best. However, it didn't last long even for the 25 lbs. So I purchased a couple of other cheaper brands in local stores but they failed to control the odor well. So I switched back to this brand and have been using this bagged version for about two months - less dusty yet control the odor well. And it (35-lb version) lasts twice as long as the dusty version (25-lb). My kittens love this. They would love to stand aside and watch me changing the litter and making a litter bed for them every time and use it immediately after I am done. The only downside is that since a few litter grains were brought out to the floor each time the kitties walked out their litter box. There was no such issue with the dusty version. October 16, 2013
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