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Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health Dry Cat Food By Hill's Prescription Diet

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Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health Dry Cat Food

Dietary indiscretion, food allergies, or lack of digestive enzymes can affect your cat's digestive health. Efficient digestion is essential for your cat to be able to build and repair tissues and obtain energy, and for these reasons it is important to feed a food that is formulated to help support digestive health. At Hill's, nutritionists and veterinarians have developed clinical nutrition especially formulated to help manage cats with digestive health problems. Due to its easily digestible ingredients, Prescription Diet i/d may also be helpful for cats recovering from gastrointestinal upset and routine surgery.

Key Benefits

  • Highly digestible protein and fat to help assimilate nutrients and repair tissues faster
  • Mixed fiber source to help maintain gastrointestinal health
  • Optimal balance of nutrients to help replenish the body and help encourage recovery
  • Added antioxidants to help control cell oxidation

NOTE: Hill's Prescription Diets require a veterinary prescription. This product will not be fulfilled until a copy of a valid prescription authorization is faxed to 786-528-6088 or e-mailed to

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Item Number 69645
  • Dry Food
  • Science Diet
  • Hill's Science Diet
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  • United States
  • Adult
  • Kitten
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  • Prescription Food

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Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health Dry Cat Food Customer Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health Dry Cat Food 4.6 5 14 14
My cat loves it My cat Simba had been very sick to his stomach and looking miserable. He had no energy, looked depressed and he was losing weight and vomiting everything he ate up. We were worried he was going to die soon if it continued. We were desperate to find out what was wrong with him. We were feeding him the best wet food money could buy, the stuff that's more expensive than people food, and he was still getting sick each and every time, slowly losing his will to even eat. Luckily we were able to get him in to see a vet, and she told us to try this food, both the wet and dry versions, and he has not vomited but twice in the last month or so. (And he only vomited because he hoarded his dry food after he got a bit hungry overnight. So he gets wet food first thing in the morning from now on). He's gained his weight back. His coat is soft and shiny and he's well-hydrated. He's more lively than he's been in ages and he's 13 this month! Ideally Simba would be on that very expensive wet food that's low carb and has only the best ingredients. I love my cat and want him to live a long life, and some of the ingredients in this food just sound less than ideal. But the fact is, he's not vomiting and he feels good. So really that is all I can ask for and I'm grateful that we found something that will not upset his stomach like the premium wet cat foods were. Sometimes you just have to do what works for you pet because their quality of life is really what matters. December 5, 2013
Carnivores eating corn and wheat... It is so interesting to me that this "prescription diet" prescribes carnivores (meat eating) animals wheat and corn. If you calculate the percentage of actual meat in this food, it is significantly less than the amount of plant based protein. Have you ever seen a cat eating corn? January 29, 2014
cats love it Only one of my cats require this diet but both love it. July 16, 2014
Amazing! This food has had an amazing impact on my 10 year old cat. Since she has been on this food, she has not thrown up once (in well over a month). She likes the food, has gained back some of the weight she had lost, and is much healthier. July 5, 2014
I have 6 cats who all love this food My vet highly recommended this food for one of my cats. She was throwing up almost on a daily basis. We are thinking it is food sensitivities. It is still to early to know how well this will work. But I am seeing an improvement already. All of my cats enjoy this food which is great. May 15, 2014
my cats love it! vet recommended this as 2 cats were experiencing bathroom problems (going in different places and bloody stools). mixed with regular food, cats go crazy to eating and bathroom problems have gone away!! May 6, 2014
Great Product! My cat Daisy was having inflammatory digestive problems. The vet prescribed this and she is doing awesome on it. She also loves it. Her coat has gotten so soft and smooth on it as well. We will eventually mix in a little regular dried food with this. We will keep her on it for life. She's a very happy healthy kitty now! April 25, 2014
Excellent Service and Product This food seems to help my cat with his digestive problems. It is a great food if you feline has digestive problems. March 30, 2014
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