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Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Feline Low Sensitivity Dry Cat Food By Hill's Prescription Diet

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Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Feline Low Sensitivity Dry Cat Food

Food sensitivity and intolerance are potentially serious problems that can result in sensitive or irritated skin, coat and ear conditions or even gastrointestinal upset. Cats that have a food sensitivity or intolerance, also called adverse reactions to food, typically experience an abnormal response to the protein in the food. If your cat suffers from adverse reactions to food, it is even more important to feed the right food. At Hill's, nutritionists and veterinarians have developed clinical nutrition especially formulated to help manage your cat's dietary sensitivity and help reduce the possibility of adverse reactions to food.

Key Benefits

  • Formulated with Hill's Hydrolyzed Protein System, highly digestible proteins that minimize the chances of adverse reactions to food
  • A single, highly digestible carbohydrate source to help avoid adverse reactions to food
  • Highly digestible carbohydrates and fats to help reduce gastrointestinal workload
  • Increased omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids to help nourish the skin
  • Added antioxidants to help maintain a healthy immune system and skin barrier function

NOTE: Hill's Prescription Diets require a veterinary prescription. This product will not be fulfilled until a copy of a valid prescription authorization is faxed to 786-528-6088 or e-mailed to

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  • Hill's Science Diet
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  • United States
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Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Feline Low Sensitivity Dry Cat Food Customer Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Feline Low Sensitivity Dry Cat Food 4.7 5 7 7
Like a miracle! My cat had extreme allergies and suffered for a year until my vet put him on this food. His face and skin cleared up and his quality of life was greatly improved! November 22, 2013
Expensive, but well packaged The cats don't go for this too much, but I'm feeding them a lot of soft food right now as that is probably more appetizing. The packaging is good in that it is resealable. November 25, 2013
Great product - fantastico! This product is awesome! Our pet loves the food, and helps him to have a more full life instead of getting sick. I'm so glad that this product is available. We used to get it from the vet, but it is much cheaper this way. Thanks! November 10, 2013
Expensive but working well for my cat. I had to try this food for my cat who was having problems with allergies. He's been doing well on it. There was an unexpected added bonus with my other cat who was also fed this product. He's always had issues with vomiting, but is rarely doing it now. January 6, 2014
Great food for cats with allergy issues We tried multiple types of cat food, but all made our cat ill, so finally went with a prescription. It took her a few days to get used to it (cats are not the most adaptable critters), but she enjoys it now and the best thing? It doesn't make her sick. January 5, 2014
Thank goodness for Z/D! My oldest cat has had a terrible time with food allergies and after being on D/D for a few years, started suddenly having awful skin reactions again which resulted in major scabbing, raw spots and hair loss. After a course of Atopica and switching her over to Z/D her allergies cleared up and she hasn't had any episodes since. Although my other cats have much more minor allergies they are on Z/D as well (which is really just to make life easier for me) and they are all very happy on it. January 5, 2014
Food and flea allergies My cat was prescribed this food (Z/D) by his Vet to combat a serious flea allergy and then a suspected food allergy. He loves to eat this food and consumes about one bag a month. So far, while he is still on antibiotics for the same condition for another week, he is feeling really good. Nothing else is being fed to him, not even treats, to prevent further health problems. Dr. Ethelle Lord Pioneer in Alzheimer's Coaching Remembering4You(dot)Com December 19, 2013
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