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Iams Veterinary Formula Renal Plus Canned Cat Food By Iams Veterinary Formula

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Iams Veterinary Formula Renal Plus Canned Cat Food

Iams Veterinary Formula Renal Plus Canned Cat Food is designed to address the nutritional needs of your cat once kidney problems have been identified by your veterinarian. It provides optimum protein levels to help maintain body condition, muscular mass, and immune and organ function. There are special ingredients to minimize wastes building up in the bloodstream. It has reduced phosphorus levels to help slow progression of renal disease. Your veterinarian can explain how the formulas may help and which one is right for your cat.

Key Benefits

  • Patented Nitrogen Trap Fiber System, which diverts the waste products of protein metabolism from the bloodstream into the colon, thereby reducing the workload on the failing kidneys. This allows for optimal protein intake to maintain muscle mass, immune system and glomerular filtration (filtering of fluids through the kidneys)
  • Targeted Omega 6 & 3 Fatty Acid ratio helps increase glomerular filtration rate
  • Added potassium citrate to help control metabolic acidosis (a condition in which the pH of the blood is too acidic), which occurs when the kidneys lose ability to filter waste products from the bloodstream

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Iams Veterinary Formula Renal Plus Canned Cat Food Customer Reviews

Iams Veterinary Formula Renal Plus Canned Cat Food 3.7 5 10 10
My cat loves it! My Alvie has been on the k/d renal diet for about a year. He got a little bored with it so I supplement his evening meal with sliced turkey then he'll eat all of it. I also tried Royal Canin renal diet and he'll eat a little but not very much. I wanted to give him more variety so I tried the Iams renal diet and every morning he looks forward to breakfast and he scarfs every bit of it down. It's so nice to have some variety for him so he's not eating the same thing all of the time. He loves the Iams! October 2, 2013
Good product. Iams Veterinary formula works well to control the CKD just as advertised. As with all the prescription formulas I have tried, it takes a little effort to get him to eat it. I found that if I nuke it for about 15 seconds he will eat more of it without having to add something to mask the flavor. March 2, 2014
Way better than Purina NF My cat had a terrible time with Purina NF (the brand my doctor recommended). She would vomit after eating it and had terrible diarrhea. Her whole life changed once I started feeding her Iams Veterinary Formula Renal Plus. She has lived almost a year since her diagnosis, which was very severe. She is happy, has put on some weight and enjoys eating again. I should note that my cat is also on medication and I give her daily intravenous fluid injections. March 6, 2014
my cat likes it Both my cats have kidney disease. I use this and royal canin. U have to add water to it and mash it up otherwise its one big clump. I put a little chicken broth in it (i boil chicken) do not use chicken broth out of the can it has garlic and garlic is no good for cats with kidney disease February 24, 2014
My cats love this This is the only moist food my CKD cat will eat. He turns his nose up at all the others and my vet doesn't carry this brand. Thank you Chewy for having it and for the GREAT customer service. I placed my order and it was shipped the same day - I had it the very next day. And the shipping was free! I couldn't ask for better service for my furry baby! February 3, 2014
He won't eat it. Well, it started out promising enough. The first half can he tore into, but in the days following, he will take a bite or two and then turn his nose up at it. I'll be trying Hill's Prescription Diet next. July 18, 2014
refused to eat My cat refused to eat this. Didn't even pass the "sniff test". I'm sure it may be helpful for cats with kidney disease, but if they won't eat it...Vet did recommend this one as one of the tastier varieties. My cat did not agree. July 15, 2014
My cat eats it without any problem Our doctor recommended another so I order both and my cat will both without any problem and we were able to save money by using the IAMS May 27, 2014
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