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KONG Cat Scratcher By KONG

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KONG Cat Scratcher

Save the drapes! Every cat needs to scratch, and the Cat Scratcher from KONG gives them a safe, non-destructive place to fulfill their natural clawing instinct. They are made with renewable resources and the environmentally friendly scratch pads are double sided, giving your cat's paws double the use and double the fun.

Key Benefits

  • Available in three sizes
  • Eco-friendly material made with renewable resources
  • Satisfies a cat's natural scratching instinct


  • Single Scratcher:  19.25 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches
  • Double Scratcher: 19.25 x 8.88 x 1.5 inches
  • Incline Scratcher:  19.25 x 7.5 x 1.5 inches

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KONG Cat Scratcher Customer Reviews

KONG Cat Scratcher 4.6 5 33 33
Wrong size refills for Incline scratcher However, I ordered the Incline scratcher (which I have owned before). My cat loves them, but, the refills you carry DO NOT fit this Incline scratcher. I knew they were the wrong size, but didn't find them elsewhere. We will try to cut them down. I'm sure I have ordered the correct size before before, but not from your company. Please try to stock the correct size for the Incline scratcher you sell. I will definitely order them. Let me know if you can stock them. Order came in great shape. Thank you. Anna Wheeler August 2, 2013
Coming back for more! My cats love this. I bought the incline scratcher, rubbed it with catnip, and they went crazy for it. When I purchased this I didn't know there was a hidden dangly toy in the base - my cats found it in minutes - and now they are scratching playing and sleeping on this thing. If there is a downside, it's that there's bits of cardboard dust that flies off because of the scratching - but it's minor compared to how much my two boys enjoy their scratcher. I'll be coming back for another. March 30, 2013
Good, sturdy, and the cats love it This incline scratcher is less expensive than others, yet just as sturdy. Happy we bought it for our cats. It comes with a small bag of catnip, which the cats proceeded to lick off the scratcher once applied. All in all, good purchase. Need to figure out what inserts to get for replacing (not apparent on the chewy site). December 30, 2012
My cats use it occasionally Its a good product and my cats use it occasionally. December 30, 2012
The incline is the Best scratcher ever Our cats became indoor cats when we moved from a house to condo. They used to scratch on tree stumps and boards outdoors. We bought a few of these incline scratchers and put them in different rooms. They never use the flat ones anymore, they definitely prefer the inclines, and every morning head right for the incline scratcher after breakfast before their outdoor time on the balcony. I weigh each one down with brick inside so it stays put, and add a bit of catnip every week. Great product and the price on chewy is terrific. Stock up, your cats will use this a lot! February 17, 2014
Good product. The cats love these scratching pads and no longer show interest in scratching fruniture. I like the cost savings of being able to use both sides & order replacement inserts. The only negative is the small bits of cardboard debris that are torn loose. Compared to shredded fruniture, I will happily continue to purchase these. February 13, 2014
My cat loves it! I don't know what it is about these scratchers, but my cat loves them ---with or without an optional sprinkling of catnip to attract her to it. I have found my cat napping on hers, lol. I always buy the double box; seems more stable for heavy duty clawing and scratching. I wouldn't be without one in each room! February 1, 2014
My cats love it! I have 5 cats and they are playing all the time with this scratcher. Of course, I am adding catnip. January 14, 2014
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