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Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Shredded Turducken Canned Cat Food By Merrick

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Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Shredded Turducken Canned Cat Food

This bayou classic allows cats to get in touch with their southern senses. Merrick's Turducken shredded recipe for cats is prepared with a delicious combination of deboned turkey, duck and chicken all cooked together in their wonderful juices which will make even your mouth water. Not all brands make their own food but Merrick puts cooking and quality under one roof. Their five-star kitchen and manufacturing facilities uphold the strict guidelines well defined by the FDA. All Merrick formulas source farm fresh ingredients locally to ensure the highest quality. It's time that all of our feline friends had a taste of this Cajun treat. Purrfect Bistro Turducken Canned Cat Food contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It does, however, contain a delightful recipe that your cat will love.

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Item Number 64290
Special Diet
  • Grain-Free
  • Canned Food
Country of Origin
  • United States
  • Adult
  • All Stages

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Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Shredded Turducken Canned Cat Food Customer Reviews

Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Shredded Turducken Canned Cat Food 4.6 5 10 10
Good for kitty, good for you It's so very important to give your pets a quality food. Do you and kitty a favor and go with grain free. Cats are carnivores, so they need MEAT--not grains and bread. Grain free may cost a bit more, it's worth the health benefits for your cat over the long term. I switched to this food after my kitties evidently got sick of their normal fare. They LOVE this stuff!! And, I love that they love it. December 22, 2013
Our girls love it! Our 1 1/2 year old girls love the shredded Merrick food. Zelda is a little picky and will only eat the shredded type - obviously it takes too much effort to chew the cubed food! July 10, 2014
Yours might like it Recently one of my 3 boys was diagnosed with kidney and heart problems. How many hours have I spent poring over websites, joining cat forums, checking prices on pet food websites? Too many! I ordered around 8 different kinds of canned cat food so I could figure out what the finicky animals would eat that was healthy. I think this food is high quality, if kind of expensive (not as bad as some). It is a pate. My boys pretty consistently seem to like the Merrick canned foods. This is not their favorite, though. The Beef Wellington is a sure thing for my guys. May 31, 2014
Even my not-so picky cat won't eat it I thought that, since Merrick is a good, high quality food, it would be god to switch the cats to it, as they were bored with their previous food. Turns out they don't like it! That's not so much a commentary on the food as my finicky cats. Now I'm stuck with a case of it! I guess the local shelter cats will be eating well for a while! January 17, 2014
My outside cats seem to be happy with these selections This food is bought for my outside cats which were feral but are somewhat tamed down. I don't like to buy any of my cats junk but I also appreciate value and thus far I'm happy with the quality, selection and price. January 7, 2014
Very healthy and my cat loves it I did a lot of research to determine a healthy food to feed my new cat. I wanted something where actual meat was the first ingredient and that had no corn, soy, or grain as fillers. Merrick's Purrfect Bistro line of foods, both wet and dry, meet my guidelines and it was the most affordable of the options. So far, I'm very pleased with this food and so is my little buddy. December 10, 2013
Great wet food Merrick is a great cat food. My kitties love merrick and my dogs love the dry! November 19, 2013
This one is a Winner! Our 5 house cats, 4 feral Porch Kitties, and 7 month old feral kitten on his way to becoming a house cat, all love this food. I'm very fussy about what they eat and this food not only meets my criteria but their taste buds as well. That doesn't happen too often so this one will definitely be part of the rotation. November 19, 2013
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