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Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Formula Dry Cat Food By Natural Balance

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Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Formula Dry Cat Food

A complete, balanced meal, regardless of your cat's stage of life. Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Dry Cat Food is crammed with chicken, duck, lamb, and salmon, providing plenty of protein for a strong muscle tone, and includes nutrients and minerals that help maintain a shiny coat. Only natural ingredients are used, and it contains no bleached ingredients, artificial flavors, or preservatives. Natural Balance Ultra Premium includes Yucca Schidigera extract, which keeps the gastrointestinal system functioning properly and reduces odor in the litterbox.

Key Benefits

  • L-Carnitine guards against heart disease
  • Yucca Schidigera Extract reduces odor in stool
  • Easily digested
  • Mixed tocopherols protect against eye disease
  • Taurine protects the heart

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  • United States
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Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Formula Dry Cat Food Customer Reviews

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The perfect food for healthy cats When my 4 cats last went to the vet she asked me what in the world I was doing to my cats teeth; they were in great shape. I told her I had switched to Natural Balance cat food and went and got her a small beg to make sure she remembered it so she could recommend it to her customers because I want every pet in the world to have the best there is. At their last check-up they were ages 13, 10,10 and 4. The 4-yr-old was the only one who had been completely raised on Natural Balance. The others had been eating Science diet and I had slowly changed them over after doing some internet research and discovering that only a couple of pet foods in the entire country had real meat in them as the first ingredients. Cats are carnivores and in nature all cats eat meat. (I'm a vegetarian but my cats are not)You can't feed them grains and expect good results. They need meat and any cat foods without meat as the main ingredients are going to make cats healthy or happy or have good teeth.If you want your cats to be healthy and live long and happy lives and save money at the same time you can't do better than to feed them Natural Balance. The food may cost more than the cheap stuff but if it keeps your little friends from getting sick it is the smart way to spend your money. The cheap food will not help them thrive and feel good and will probably end up costing you alot more in vet bills. My vet told me that all 4 of my cats couldn't be healthier and even my old girl (13 1/2# plays like a youngster off and on, has good fur, shiny eyes and a very spunky attitude. All 4 are within their proper weight but in part that's because I do feed them prescribed amounts (2 T's for the super active ones, 1 3/4 T's for the less active amounts three times a day-which needs to be done gradually over a month or more or I have heard they can become very sick). When I left their bowls full they were overweight which, like us, can lead to problems some day. July 10, 2012
I highly recommend this cat food!! I have 3 cats ranging in age from 18yrs to 1yr old. I used to feed them "whatever was on sale" and I free feed all three. The middle girl was over weight. The youngest is long haired and hairballs were an issue. The senior was shedding terribly, matted, sickly and threw up frequently after eating, and I chalked this up to old age. I was also developing allergy issues and would no longer let them sleep on my bed. I switched to Natural Balance when I went in search for a cruelty free pet food, but since switching to Natural balance all three of my cats are thriving & shedding much less with reduced dander. Although I continue to free feed, the over weight cat has been losing weight, and my senior kitty has drastically reduced shedding, no matting, and no more throwing up after eating. My allergies do not bother me any more and they can sleep on my pillows again! Now I thought I would spend more money and the benefits would outweight the cost- but I have this on auto delivery, and I just had to adjust my schedule to every 11 weeks (for 3 cats- free feeding!) I used to go through the same size bag of Friskies in 2-3 weeks. Please stop feeding your pet that supermarket garbage and try a quality pet food like NaturalBalance! Free shipping, $10 off and additional 15% off the first order, you have nothing to lose! April 28, 2012
My picky boy loves this food! I have a 7 year old cat that's been on the same food for years. As he's getting older I've become more conscious of what I'm feeding him, but he's super picky and hates any kind of change. This food, however, he LOVES! While transitioning him from the old food to the Natural Balance he would eat around the old food and just eat the Natural Balance. He seems to be more satisfied too as he's not eating as much. June 11, 2013
I have done some intensive inquiry on all brands of Cat and Dog foods And feel for our 11 yo feral american shorthair and our 18 yo Maine Coon - this brand is the best. Both thrive well on this kibble. They also get an infrequent treat of shrimp, clams, hard boiled egg, and chicken. October 9, 2013
Good food at a good price. I researched a lot to try to find an affordable dry cat food that was also good for my cats. I found that the Natural Balance was better than many of the more expensive brands and my cats love it. They also eat the canned Natural Balance. And the best thing is that offers the best prices anywhere. March 26, 2014
Excellent product & value! I researched cat food to find the best for my cats that I could afford. This was the winner. I recently switched my cats to it & they love it! :) December 26, 2013
My Cats LOVE this food! I decided to try this since my Greyhound is on Nature's Balance. My cats beg for it now. They never did that with other foods. Price is great too for good quality food. December 13, 2013
ALWAYS A GREAT PRODUCT, ALWAYS SUPER SERVICE I have been greatly satisfied with the NATURAL BALANCE DRY CAT FOOD for my four legged friends ... and many thanks to all the CHEWY CHAMPIONS for wonderful service, super service! Whether cat food or dog food, CHEWY comes through with the best! God bless you! Theresa October 18, 2013
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