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Nature's Miracle JFC Natural Care Cat Litter, 10-lb bag

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Nature's Miracle JFC Natural Care Cat Litter, 10-lb bag

It takes more than a timely scoop to get rid of litter box odors… it takes 24/7 attention! Nature's Miracle JFC Natural Care Cat Litter has an advanced bio-enzymatic odor control system that starts to break down odor from urine and feces on contact! This 99% dust-free litter is made from natural corn cob granules that are more absorbant than clay and soft on your kitty's feet, too!

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Nature's Miracle JFC Natural Care Cat Litter Customer Reviews

Nature's Miracle JFC Natural Care Cat Litter 4.2 5 27 27
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this litter!! I have tried everything in terms of litter and litter boxes from self flushing, to automatic to old fashioned scoop with clay. I have had 5 open heart surgeries and a pacemaker, so I cannot lift any heavy litter. I can carry a bag myself and don't need help with it. This litter is so light and doesn't smell!! It has zero dust. After the litter has been used a while, it doesn't clump as well as it does in the beginning, but I just see that as a sign that it is time to do a total litter change-out. This litter lasts much longer than any other litter I've tried, even clumping clay. I have seven cats and five litter boxes that are scooped at least twice a day, and I've only used three and a half bags of litter in the last two months. That includes filling the litter boxes, and I have jumbo boxes. I feed canned and raw so the urine output is high.This is the only non clay litter that has kept my one girl from pooing outside of her litter box. I highly recommend this litter!! June 15, 2013
Simply the best price performance package (when on sale) This is the best cat litter we've found over the years, we have 4 cats in the house and we've tried almost every other brand of corn/walnut litter there is out there. And we have finally decided to stick to Natural's Miracle. The performance is top notch, we have two litter boxes one upstair and one downstairs. And we only need to use one 18lb bag for the entire month, and after a month, the litter still clumped like the first day, and absolutely no weird smells. It could last longer if needed, but we clean our litter box on a 1 month interval. Highly highly recommended. Give it a try. The only tiny bit of downside to this litter is that it's a bit more dusty than some other brands, but it's a small issue... it's corn and it's easy to sweep away. August 14, 2013
my new litter of choice After years of using a popular brand clumping clay litter, I had to find an alternative because I could no longer deal with the weight and the dust. Enter Nature's Miracle Just for Cats corn litter. I'm very happy with this product. It's lightweight and virtually dust free (really, it's not just words on the bag). It clumps well enough, though not as hard or quickly as the clay litter. Odors must be controlled just fine because I do not smell anything when I walk into the house after being at work all day. Another plus is it doesn't take as much litter. A 10 lb bag of this is roughly equivalent to 1 1/2 18 lb bags of the clay litter I was using. In addition, the corn is very absorbent and the clumps are not as large, so less litter is used up as you remove the clumps. I have much less of a problem with the cats digging all the way to the bottom and depositing clumps on the bottom of the litter box. So, things stay cleaner longer, which means I can wait longer between full litter box changing and cleaning. My back appreciates the lighter weight, too! If you're looking for a biodegradable option that's less dusty and very lightweight, I highly recommend you give this a try. August 19, 2014
I've been using this for many years. There is never a "kitty litter box odor." This litter makes it very easy to clean the litter boxes. I've been using this for many years. I have 3 cats and the house never has a "kitty litter box odor." It is very easy to clean the litter boxes because everything clumps and is easy to dispose. It also works well in the automatic litter boxes. June 6, 2013
Great smell no dust It doesn't clump has good as the clay, but I prefer this cleaner litter over dusty clay. IT also is very light. My cats had no problem adapting to it. March 15, 2013
Messy I purchased this particular cat litter because I really liked what the description said. Overall, I think it is a great product and most important natural. My cat doesn't sneeze from it, it is not dusty, doesn't have any artificial smells and etc. However, because of its really light weight, it is so messy. When my cat jumps out of the litter box after she is done, this litter flies out all over the floor and i have to clean up every single time. If your litter box in a place where you don't really care about this, then I would highly recommend this product. But in my case where the litter box is located in a small bathroom it created a lot of mess and inconvenience for me. February 11, 2013
Not the best litter I've used I started using this litter because I have a Nature's miracle self cleaning litter box and it does seem to do the best out of what I've tried for that use. Pros- it is super light weight and I really like that; I think its pretty low in dust. Cons- I don't think it gives good odor control and doesn't clump very well. If I wasn't using the automatic box I would probably switch back to another brand. July 21, 2013
Incredible odor control! I was not sure if my cats would accept this new litter, so I mixed some in with the litter they've been using for a few years (World's Best - also great). The mixture was close to a 4 to 1 ratio World's Best to Nature's Miracle. I am totally impressed with the odor control. Even using only about 25% of Nature's Miracle in the litter mixture, it has made a huge difference, and my cats accepted it right away... no issues! June 21, 2013
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