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PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Feeder

By PetSafe
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PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Feeder, Blue

When your life revolves around napping in the sun, it's easy to add an extra pound or two. But the vets have spoken: 50% of American cats need to slim down! The PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Feeder lets your cat play away the pounds while working for his dinner or treats. Pack the SlimCat feeding ball with your fur baby's kibble, and it distributes an adjustable amount of food as your cat bats and pounces.

Key Benefits

  • Helps fight feline obesity by encouraging play
  • Improved digestion by giving smaller portion sizes
  • Reduces excessive meowing due to boredom
  • Dishwasher safe

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PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Feeder Customer Reviews

PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Feeder 4 5 51 51
Just what I was looking for. I have two indoor cats that are over wieght. So my vet recommended that I put their food in an interactive feeder. In other words make them work for their meal. So I bought this and it is great. It's simple to work and easy to clean. My cats bat this ball all throughtout the kitchen. I had first started them on the easy level first so it was easier for them get the concept of it. But I just bumped up the challenge level a bit so that they had to work a little harder. P.S. My cats both have lost a pound since I started putting their food in this ball and that was a month ago. "NOTE: Over wieght cats shouldn't loss more then a pound a month." Cat's 1 pound = Humans's 10 pounds August 23, 2013
They love it! I originally bought one of these to help switch things up for a newly adopted kitten who had some pretty bad smallest-kitten-at-the-open-room-cat-shelter food aggression issues. (Growling and lashing out at the other cats during mealtimes, trying to eat their food on top of her own, eating too fast and then getting sick, etc.) Anyway, I would dish their food up and give her a portion in this in a different room and she took to it right away. It burns up energy and has really helped her chill out about food in general. I've even seen her and the other cats nosing the ball around together and eating the scattered food side by side with no issue, which is amazing for her. I've ordered one more to keep from having to constantly refill the original since they all like playing with it, but I'll probably end up with one for each. It's a great product and money well spent for how much it's helped her. January 6, 2014
My cats love it! All three of my cats love their new feeder ball toy! Two of them figured it out within a day and had fun batting it around to get their noms. The third kitty was a bit more stubborn but she finally gave in. Before I got the feeder balls they would wake me up at 3 am for food but now I can put the balls out at night and sleep till the alarm goes off. Plus the added activity will keep their weight in check! Yay! June 21, 2013
For treats, it didn't do the job Probably okay for a small uniform shaped treats/food and then the ball's adjustable openings would work, but I tried to use it for "Temptations Cat Treats" and the shape of them made it either too easy for them to fall out or too hard and my cat gave up on it. December 2, 2013
cat likes it My chubby girl pushes it with her nose, not sure how many calories she's burning but it has to be more than gobbling from a bowl. The kitten plays with it too, but then he plays iwith dustl November 1, 2013
CAT WAS NOT HAPPY I put the treats in and tried several setting, but my cat rolled it a few times and then looked at me like what is going on. Tried it a few times but I had to roll it around and let some drop and he would hit it a few times. For him to leave food behind and not want to do anything in his power to get it was a shock. So I tried it on the lab and he completely enjoyed and batted it around like the cat was suppose to and I thought that might get the cat to have an interest, but no go. It lies in the food container. May 3, 2014
works as promised however the cat needs to take the bait. The overweight cat just looks at it & back at me. The other cats watched the demonstration once & began to roll the thing to get the food. July 8, 2014
Great for rabbits as well as cats! I got this for our cats, since our older cat is a *fiend* for treats and gobbles up his dry food as well. Both cats learned to use it right away and will bat it around and munch without complaint. It's definitely helped to slow our older cat's eating down (and he's less of an obnoxious pain about wanting more treats and food). I had to order more, though, because I discovered it's great for house bunnies as well! Pet rabbits should only get 1/8-1/4c pellets per 6 lbs body weight each day, which goes pretty quickly - these toys encourage them to spread their pellets out a bit rather than gobbling them up as soon as they're put out. Nala and Gaz (F/F bonded pair) would always sit there and practically inhale their pellets when I served them - this slows them down significantly and gives them something better to do than chew up their condo or roam the house looking for stuff to destroy (at least until the pellets run out)! I also adopted a third bunny, Norman, from a shelter a little less than a week ago and this immediately became his favorite toy - I put some pellets into it, set it to the most difficult setting (the only one that doesn't dump the tiny pellets out very quickly) and he'll spend 30 minutes or more at a time nose-bonking it around and then scarfing up the pellets. Sometimes he even picks the whole ball up in his mouth to bring it back into the open if he gets it stuck in a tight corner - too cute! We've got three rabbits/two cats and all of them love this thing! January 3, 2014
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