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Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic & Stainless Steel Fountains

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Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic & Stainless Steel Fountains, Fountain Filters, 3-Pack

Keep your pet pal's fountain flowing as clean as a fresh mountain stream with Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic & Stainless Steel Fountains. Each filter included in the multi-pack replacement offers three layers of filtration to capture debris and remove unnatural tastes and odors from tap water. Compatible with: Ceramic Raindrop Fountains, Stainless Steel Raindrop Fountains, Big Max Ceramic Fountains, and Big Max Stainless Steel Fountains.

Key Benefits

  • Improves fountain flow
  • Premium charcoal filters
  • 3-Layer Filtration
  • Prolongs fountain life

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Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic & Stainless Steel Fountains Customer Reviews

Pioneer Pet Replacement Filters for Ceramic & Stainless Steel Fountains 4.9 5 22 22
best price at I did my research on prices for these filters and this is the least expensive place online to get them. They are also half as much here as they are in stores! November 27, 2013
Great Price on I have the teardrop style fountain and this is where I buy my filters from. I clean my fountain once or twice a week and replace the filter every two weeks. Quick note: I purchased the 4-Pack filters from here seeing as though it was a better price and had a terrible experience with strange debris coming out of the filters. I contacted Chewy and they helped me immediately but I would stay away from the 4-Pack, I've never seen a 4-Pack being sold anywhere else so maybe they're old. The debris was brown, white and varied in sizes and no amount of rinsing the filters stopped the problem, the entire pack was like that. I went out that night to a pet store and bought the (overpriced) 3-Pack and had no issues. November 13, 2013
Filter works well I bought the Pioneer Pet Porcelain Water Fountain for when I went on vacation. The filter is supposed to last two weeks, but in the tropics molds grow more quickly. The filter had to be washed quite often. For the week I was gone, it did an acceptable job, but there was some mold starting to grow here and there. I like the fountain being made from porcelain, because plastic isn't good for cats to use. They can get a rash on their chins. Generally, it is a good product for a one week vacation, but I would suggest you have a person whom is checking on your pet, to give the fountain and filter a good wash while you are gone. August 25, 2013
Best fountain I ever had I have two fountains and I use one with the cover on and one with the cover off. The cat likes both since he likes to watch the water exit the flow thru tube and he drinks from both. June 9, 2014
Great fountain, can't use it without filter The fountains this fits are great products, and the filter is an essential component. It works well, has a reasonable life expectancy. One caveat: Dishwasher cleaning isn't recommended (nor is there a caution against it). I did make the mistake of washing it in a dishwasher. No problems after many washes, but it eventually burst, filling the dishwasher parts with grains of charcoal and clogging the small openings in the washer arms. I finally got it all cleaned out, but it's a mistake I won't make again. May 21, 2014
Curious the first few days, cat now drinks from fountain, flume and bowl. Purchased Pioneer Pet Raindrop 96 oz. drinking fountain. Directions were clear and it was easy to set up. My cat spent 4 or 5 days watching the running water before I actually saw her drink. Now I see her drinking from the fountain on top, the flume, and the bowl itself. I don't hear noise from the pump unless the water level gets low, only the sound of gently trickling water. The fountain has been in use for about 3 weeks and all I've had to do is add water. In another week or so, I expect to clean the pump and I'll try washing the stainless parts in the dishwasher as instructed. Very pleased so far and would recommend this drinking fountain. January 18, 2014
Replacement parts My dogs love the fountain water- they drink much more water on a daily basis due to the constant water filtering through the water basin January 13, 2014
good product I haven't used these particular ones but I've used many others. They always worked well. September 18, 2014
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