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Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food By Royal Canin

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Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food

That cute new cuddly kitten needs a special diet and Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Kitten Dry Food is a perfect choice. It's a completely balanced diet enhanced for kittens from four to twelve months old. Formulated with minerals and vitamins to help the immune system and digestive tract develop, and each bite is high in protein to help her grow lean and fast.

Key Benefits

  • Helps develop strong teeth and bones
  • Perfect for kittens' sensitive digestive tract
  • Rosemary extract reduces kitten allergies
  • Boosts immune system
  • Cat Food for 2nd stage kittens during muscle and bone development (4-12 months)

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Item Number 46125
  • Dry Food
  • Kitten
Country of Origin
  • United States

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Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food Customer Reviews

Royal Canin Kitten Dry Cat Food 4.5 5 24 24
Why corn ingredients? I required 2 Ragdoll Kittens back in March and the Breeder had them on Royal Canin Kitten Food. One of the kittens had an eye infection for almost a month and both of them had soft stool, so over the next few weeks I changed then over to a better ingredient, more meat, food. When they was 10 moths old, 10 lbs and 15 lbs, I made the decision to switch them back to Royal Canin Kitten, to get them used to start eating the Royal Canin Maine Coon Diet because of the big kibble, so they finally start chewing their food instead swallowing it whole. I mixed the food in slowly and within a few days the ones eyes start bothering him again, he got an irritated bowl and blood in his loose stool. Doing some reading and talkin to my vet we came to the conclusion that it may had something to do with all the corn and corngluten meal. It's a shame, knowing the company has so many different foods for different ailments or issues, and then they are using all them corn fillers instead using some meat ingredients, especially for the price we have to pay. I have both of them babies on a no corn, no soy, no wheat diet now and both of them doing much better. I would not recommend Royal Canin do anybody who's cat or dog has allergies or any other issues with corn. P.S: I still like to see a cat coming by our neighbors farm, going into the cornfield and start chomping down on a corn cob. January 1, 2013
My babies got Royal Canin from the start I have 2 seal point Balinese kittens named Merlin and Yogi. I give them one can of Royal Canin wet food in the morning and Royal Canin dry kitten food the rest of the day. They both gobble it up and ask for more. May 20, 2014
love it Even thought my cats are now a year old they will not eat anything else. July 19, 2014
Good product recommended by vet Kitties seem to like all royal canin products and I have very finicky kitties July 14, 2014
Good for young kittens I work with a rescue group so have lots of kittens throughout the year. I like the Royal Canin Kitten Dry food for the kittens that are over 8 weeks. The BabyBits are great for the 4-8 week olds. The kittens like it and the pieces are a good size and easy for them to chew. June 25, 2014
Very good product I was fostering 4 kittens and their mom. I fed them royal Canin Baby cat and kitten dry food. The kittens and mom loved this food. June 25, 2014
A great choice for kittens... My kitten came from a great breeder who has used. RC at many stages in her breeding program. He was a really big baby and food is REALLY important to him. He came already on Babycat and at 4 months switched to Kitten formula. He didnt miss a beat. He is 4-1\2 months old and weighs 6 lbs! Gorgeous coat and boundless energy. My vet uses prescription RC now and was pleased to see my choice for my new kitty. June 14, 2014
Only food my kitten will eat I have never had a cat, only dogs. Got a kitten, now about 8 months old. Tried every food on the market(all the designer ones), this being one of them. The spoiled cat will not touch any of the others and will only eat this one. I have a cabinet full of Organic, holistic, Wellness, Wilderness, all the "best" brands. I have tried mixing them in with this one. No luck. The cat will only eat this. I do not do wet food or table food. My cat loves this product only and is healthy, alert and really sweet. June 12, 2014
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