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Vet's Best Urinary Tract Support Cat Supplement By Vet's Best

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Vet's Best Urinary Tract Support Cat Supplement

Vet's Best special urinary tract assistant for cats. Helps support normal, healthy urinary tract function. Contains real cranberry that helps maintain a cat’s urine at a normal, healthy, acidic and free-flowing level. This soothing mix of Cranberry, Parsley and Horsetail was carefully formulated by Dr. Dawn Curie Thomas, DVM, to support your cat’s healthy urinary tract. For over 25 years, she has tapped the natural world for the highest quality ingredients that work together to comfort and relieve your pet. Safe for mature cats of all sizes.

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Vet's Best Urinary Tract Support Cat Supplement Customer Reviews

Vet's Best Urinary Tract Support Cat Supplement 4.8 5 5 5
This product is the best for cats' urinary woes I'm not going to claim that this will cure ALL cats' urinary problems, but I now know of five unrelated male cats whose vets recommended prescription type diets for life, following urinary tract issues with stones requiring expensive treatment and overnight stays. These were all young males. Switching to wet food and giving one or two of these tablets daily as treats ( cats love them ) kept all five symptom free. For two of these gentle souls, that meant reaching ages into the twenties. No urinary problems. The other three cats are still going strong. The ingredients are all natural, time-tested, and proven effective. I can't recommend this product highly enough. And it certainly can't hurt. It's inexpensive, acceptable to cats, and just might save your beloved the scourge of non-nutritious prescription diets that don't really belong in anyone's pantry. October 10, 2013
Cat loves these! My cat is on special food for her urinary tract issues. I've been able to get her down to 1/3 cup of the medicinal food per day along with this tablet and 3-4 ounces of (regular) wet food. No flare ups (keeping fingers crossed) in over 18 months! April 3, 2013
Tasty treats for urinary health My geriatric cat absolutely loves these supplements and his symptoms have been alleviated. Great healthy alternative to un-necessary medications. June 30, 2013
Your cats will love it! My cats LOVE these supplements! They don't know it's a supplement - they think it's a treat and ask for more. I typically break one tablet in two or four smaller pieces so they can chew it easily, and give up to two per day. Before I found this product, my vet suggested I give them regular cranberry supplements that humans take - and I did, but the cats hated it whenever I'd try to stuff one of those in their mouths. With Vet's Best supplement, all I have to do is shake the bottle and they come running! February 25, 2014
My cat takes this willingly. These tablets are quite large and hard for me to break as suggested, so I just crush them in a pill crusher. I add water to the resulting powder and this makes a gravy my cat enjoys. It's a good way to get him to take the supplement, but also a good way to get him to drink water since it's always been hard to get him to drink enough. I also add the powdered tablet to his wet food, add a bit more water and stir, and my cat really enjoys this too. Since I've been using natural urinary tract health supplements with these ingredients, my cat hasn't had a recurrence of infection or a problem with urethra blockage. My cat's healthy and happy, and this makes me super happy! January 8, 2014
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