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Wysong Epigen Grain-Free 90 Formula Dry Dog & Cat Food By Wysong

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Wysong Epigen Grain-Free 90 Formula Dry Dog & Cat Food

Established in 1979, Wysong Corporation is one of the true pioneers of natural pet foods and holistic health care & nutrition. Conceived and led by Dr. Wysong, they are a family company that puts principle ahead of market.

Protein protein protein! No other dry food boasts this amount of muscle building, easily-digested protein. Wysong Epigen 90 Formula Dog and Cat Food combines chicken, chicken meal, and immune system-boosting fruits in a delicious kibble that's great for helping your cat or dog maintain a healthy weight and muscle tone. It includes apples for a healthy amount of soluble fiber, and beet pulp to maximize nutrient absorption and provide plenty of prebiotics.

Key Benefits

  • Unispecies dog and cat diet
  • Suitable for all life stages and Equally suitable for all breeds
  • More closely resembles the food your pet is designed to eat
  • Contains an unprecedented 60+% meat and organs (90% for Epigen 90™) and over 60% protein
  • Made with Organic Chicken
  • Grain-Free formula a common allergy trigger for pets
  • Has the natural flavor and taste that pets truly desire
  • Is replete with all the critical food elements Wysong was first to put into pet foods – probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, phytonutrients, nutraceuticals, natural form antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in omega-3's and other essential fatty acids
  • Coated with probiotic and enzyme
  • All natural
  • Made in the USA!

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Item Number 50204
  • Adult
  • All Stages
  • Dry Food
Special Diet
  • Grain-Free
  • Organic
Country of Origin
  • United States

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Wysong Epigen Grain-Free 90 Formula Dry Dog & Cat Food Customer Reviews

Wysong Epigen Grain-Free 90 Formula Dry Dog & Cat Food 4.9 5 26 26
Finally have a nutritious dry food I'm comfortable feeding Purchased Epigen 90 for our overweight, dry food addict/fussy IBD-UTI cat-he loves it!!! He is now eating more canned food along side the Epigen 90-go figure... Introduced '90 over a 21 day period as 50% of daily nutrients and have had NO further IBD or UTI episodes-he's losing weight, is more active and his coat is better. We are feeding it to our other 9 cats as the treat they beg for. August 20, 2012
Pleasantly Surprised!!!! First time using a Wysong product, but found this product to be developed based on good ideology (No Starch), research and experience of Dr. Wysong. However all of this is good from a human perspective, but what does the cat think. Well we took a chance and got a small 2lbs bag and I must say I started my normal introduction of 10% added to old food, however the cat eat it up so fast. So the next day I just added 100% Epigen 90 and the cats just ate it like their old food. That somewhat surprised me, but it was welcomed. The cats also seem to eat less because they felt satisfied quicker. Based on my experience I think that this is a great product for those looking to supplement a cat's diet with good wholesome kibble. Even Wysong claims that dry food was a mistake, but Epigen 90 can hopefully give you a much better dry alternative for your cats. February 22, 2012
Life Savor This product is starch free! Amen, enough said. It's the starch in dry food that causes cats to have all kinds of urinary problems. This product has additional vitamin B-Complex added to the other vitamins. For almost a year, we had flea problems with this inside Himalayan cat and couldn't get rid of them even after having the house professionally treated twice. Since he has been on Epigren 90, the B vitamins have warded off the fleas to a point now where they are completely gone. Best of all this fussy Himi goes nuts over the taste. I put his organic, grain free wet food in a dish next to his Epigren 90 and just enjoy watching him go from wet to dry food. No more scratching and a very satisfied cat and owner. January 8, 2013
Cat says 'acceptable' I was really excited about this product, my cat is neutral. If you have ever owned a ferret, this food looks and smells like ferret kibble. March 2, 2012
Next best to freeze-dried raw While my beagle is on a raw meaty bones/organs diet, while travelling or other impromptu occasions, I like having Epigen 90 to supplement with his freeze-dried raw food. I particularly choose this for its grain and starch free content. My dog also likes it when I hide it in certain places and he goes on the hunt for his snack. June 11, 2012
My animals go nuts over this food Both my dogs and cats love the taste of this food. They are having no problems digesting it and they all look and seem to feel just awesome. I highly recommend this product. June 29, 2012
Great Service and Great Product My cats are very picky and I've had a hard time finding the right "healthy" food for them. They loved Science Diet which does not contain much protein. After many trials, they now love Wysong Epigen 90 food and all 3 of them eat it regularly. I can see their coats look great and it's helped reduce hair balls. mr chewy's service was excellent and the product arrived quickly. I would recommend both the product and mr chewy! June 7, 2012
Five spoiled cats give it a High Five! All my kitties love this food! I feed them mostly raw and grain free canned with this as a treat. One little guy - Fubbi, has had congenital heath issues with a polyp in the back of his nose. He is sensitive to too much raw and the bones in the raw rabbit. He will not eat unless we put some of the Wysong 90 in his food. He was so picky, he was skinny & wouldn't eat much but he LOVES this and is much healthier since we introduced it and is now a healthy weight. April 14, 2014
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