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Barkworthies Elk Antler Splits Dog Chews By Barkworthies

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Barkworthies Elk Antler Splits Dog Chews

Barkworthies Split Elk Antlers are dense, durable dog chews that will give your dog hours of chew time, beneficial vitamins and minerals as well as cleaner teeth! These American-sourced, naturally-shed elk antlers come from the Rocky Mountains. Barkworthies wholesome elk antlers are simply collected, washed, cut and packaged. They also round any sharp edges to make them extra safe for your dog. Barkworthies Split Elk Antlers are center-cut lengthwise to expose the soft marrow, which makes them perfect for dogs new to elk antlers, puppies or seniors. They are highly durable and will last hours or days for any aggressive chewer, no matter the dog’s size.

Barkworthies Split Elk Antlers contain essential nutrients your dog needs for a healthy, long life such as zinc, calcium, manganese and iron. These American dog chews have amazing dental benefits such as removing tartar, plaque and massaging the gums. As with all of their products, Barkworthies are additive-free, chemical-free, and preservative-free dog chews. In fact, most Barkworthies products are single-ingredient chews, making them all natural, 100% healthy & 100% safe for your dog.

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Barkworthies Elk Antler Splits Dog Chews Customer Reviews

Barkworthies Elk Antler Splits Dog Chews 4.5 5 14 14
Great product My dogs absolutely loved these especially since they are split and the bone marrow is showing. Two of them have issues with allergies and digestive problems, so rawhide and nylabones are no longer an option. Plus, they seem to last a long time. When they loose flavor, I soak them in beef broth for a few hours and they dogs love them again. January 1, 2014
Dog loves and freakishly good price! My 55 pound hound mix loves the split antlers - she has had non-split antlers and gets bored of them within minutes, as she is very food motivated and will not pay much attention to any chew that is not edible. The split antlers completely hold her attention because the marrow is exposed and she can EAT IT!! It takes her about 20-30 minutes to scrape the marrow out of this large sized antler. Since she can consume an entire 12 inch "thick" bully stick in about 5 minutes, I consider this to be "long lasting" for my dog. Once the marrow is gone, she loses interest fairly quickly, as she does with everything non-edible. She will chew on the hard "bone" part for a couple minutes sometimes though even once the marrow is gone. These antlers are amazingly priced on, about half the price of similar sized antlers I've been able to find anywhere else! March 3, 2014
My Chinese Cresteds love these treats! These treats last a long time and my dogs love them December 13, 2013
Quality product This is the best value & quality product I have discovered on the market to date. Thank you for making my furbaby so happy! July 11, 2014
Had to get rug cleaned There should be a warning that the marrow will stain the rugs! Not worth the trouble. July 11, 2014
This product well worth the $$$$. My dog has really enjoyed both of the antlers that I bought for her. I know I will purchase again. I will try the ones that are not split. June 30, 2014
Great chew toy My french bulldog pup loves this! No smell and no mess. June 1, 2014
My dogs just enjoy them, they last so long Hours of pleasure for my two small dogs. I got the splits and they liked them so much better, because it was easier to get at the marrow. May 8, 2014
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