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Canine Caviar Holistic Lamb & Pearl Millet Dry Dog Food By Canine Caviar

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Canine Caviar Holistic Lamb & Pearl Millet Dry Dog Food

Lamb & Pearl Millet All Life Stages Dinner is a complete and balanced formula intended for moderately active dogs, growing puppies, and breeding animals and is ideal for dogs with sensitive digestive tracks. Beneficial nutrients aid in maintaining beautiful skin and coat in longhaired dogs.

Key Benefits

  • Alfalfa, garlic, fenugreek and parsley help to maintain skin and health
  • Fermentation Culture (probiotic), FOS (prebiotic), papaya, and yucca support intestinal health
  • High quality nutrient dense proteins for energy and complex carbohydrates for endurance
  • Nutritionally optimized to support the development of muscles, organs, bones and teeth. Formulated to help maintain heart, kidney and liver health
  • Taurine for heart health
  • High quality antioxidants help to maintain the immune system
  • Omega 3 and 6 from high quality fats and oils

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Item Number 49934
  • Adult
  • All Stages
Country of Origin
  • United States
  • Dry Food
Special Diet
  • Low Glycemic
  • Gluten Free
  • GMO-Free

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Canine Caviar Holistic Lamb & Pearl Millet Dry Dog Food Customer Reviews

Canine Caviar Holistic Lamb & Pearl Millet Dry Dog Food 4.9 5 38 38
Great for allergy sensitive dogs! We have 3 miniature schnauzers who all have various food allergies. One of our dogs had tried all of the varieties of hypoallergenic food that our vet offered, but she still itched/licked her paws non-stop. After further allergy testing, we found that this was the only dry food that she could eat without any problems. THANK YOU for carrying Canine Caviar Holistic Lamb & Pearl Millet!!! January 27, 2013
Canine Caviar is an excellent, holistic, all-life stages dog food. It is grain free and high in all the nutrients any dog needs. One of my dogs, both are German Shepherds, has allergies. After some research I discovered that hotspots can be brought on when rice and/or potato are part of a dogs diet. Canine Caviar uses pearl millet as a carb and since making the switch, my girl is practically 100% free of hotspots. CC is highly palatable and if you add water it also makes a nice gravy. Both my dogs have beautiful coats, crystal clear eyes and are physically fit! As an added benefit, transitioning to CC does not require a 5-7 day switch over from the original food. No loose stools! This is especially beneficial to me as I am a volunteer foster for a rescue. I have no idea what the dog has been eating prior to its arrival. With Canine Caviar I can feed whatever amount of food the new dog needs and not worry about digestive upset. August 17, 2012
Great for skin and coat and overall health Since using Canine Caviar my puppies have thick beautiful coats. They both had significant allergies with hair loss of their ears and legs and hot spots. I tried several treatments with minimal improvement. I switched to Canine Caviar and the itching and chewing have subsided and within 3 weeks their coats filled in and now they are gorgeous!!!! January 10, 2013
This product is very good! I have a friend with a very elegant kind of taste, she has given me a 10 on this one! I am very happy, this is also a Holistic food, and since she has allergys is working good! I recomend this one very highly! Also I want to congratulate Mr: Chewy on the great work with our canine friends, please keep food doa- nations going, thank you again, a very satified customer, Yolanda. August 18, 2012
I had hope.... I didn't have luck with this food but I have a dog that has numerous problems so I can't judge the food by my dog. My dog had some terrible gas with this food and her stools became soft and semi loose. I tried changing as they instructed then went back to adding 50% of her previous food in and still had same results so I stopped feeding it. It wouldn't be fair to judge the food over this because I have such a difficult dog who has so many issues. I never bothered to change my other dog over when it didn't work with my problem child! April 9, 2014
Just Awesome! We have a Rottweiler who last summer developed a VERY bad yeast infection, she had sores and scabs all over her body. Scratched constantly and lost over 50 percent of her fur, she was a mess! Tried just about every "good" dog food out there, she was allergic to Chicken, and peas through process of elimination. In just one week on this food she was healing, scratching to minimum and her fur and scabs were healing. I can not say enough about this food and its company's business model! Just Awesome! Today she still loves the food and her coat is just shines! Thank you Canine Caviar and Chewy for such a great product! April 1, 2014
Skin Allergies My Mini Schnauzer has had bad bumps all over her back. After switching to this food, her skin has completely cleared up. I also love that this food seems to satisfy her hunger. Before she would eat tons of her other food and never seem filled up. Now she eats her breakfast and dinner and seems satisfied. November 12, 2013
My dog loves this food. Her smaller poops tell me there is less filler in this food. My Shih Tzu loves this food. Her poops are much smaller, so I know there is less filler. We've tried the fish & lamb-millet. She chows down on both! July 28, 2013
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