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EVO Weight Management Dry Dog Food By EVO

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EVO Weight Management Dry Dog Food

EVO foods and treats contain ingredients and nutrient levels which most closely resemble the ancestral diet of dogs and cats. Similar to a diet of prey, EVO provides animals with energy and nutrients derived from meat-based proteins and highly digestible fats. Natura Pet Products has developed the ideal ancestral diet in EVO – the grain-free, lowest carb, protein rich alternative for your pet.

Key Benefits

  • Skin and coat health
  • No grains of any type therefore minimizing the potential for food allergies
  • Excellent palatability and is highly digestible
  • Less waste and greatly reduces stool volume
  • Energy dense formula which means that you feed less to meet your pet's daily energy needs
  • A diet low in carbohydrates maintains healthy body weights in pets and helps with the management of diabetes mellitus

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Item Number 45338
  • Adult
  • Dry Food
Special Diet
  • Grain-Free
  • Weight Control
Country of Origin
  • United States

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EVO Weight Management Dry Dog Food Customer Reviews

EVO Weight Management Dry Dog Food 4.9 5 13 13
Low Carb solution Our dog has cancer and needs to reduce his carbohydrate intake. This food fits the bill...and he loves it! July 19, 2012
Phase it in Our German Shepherd took to it after phasing it in with his old. He is almost off the old and completely on this and EVO canned as a topping. We use this bc his brother has cancer and is on a low carb diet and likes to steal food so we need a low carb kibble. THis is the lowest carb dry food I could find. Also I like the idea or having my dogs on a diet similar to their ancestral history. May 13, 2012
Only Dog Food that Lables their Total Carbs (11%) Ole Earl the Weimaraner sure seems to love it, time will tell if he gets in better shape, loosing about 12 lbs. EVO is one of the most expensive but other 'grain-free' premiums' have higher carb ingredients like potato and Potato Starch. It seems like a good 'weight management' formula. March 6, 2012
Helps dogs maintain blood sugar who have Diabetes I have a dog, a Weimaraner, who was recently diagnosed with Insulin Dependent Diabetes. He is 7 years old and is also Hypothyroid. I was having a hard time finding a food that would not cause his blood sugar's to sky rocket into the 400's (most of the food i tried was doing this). I saw the Evo Weight Management food and I wanted to try that for him. I did. This food has been a life saver for me and my dog; this is the first food that has kept his blood sugars in the 100-200 range! I was so happy and my dog was feeling better also. I informed my vet about this dog food I was using and how much improved Oliver's (my dog) blood sugars have been. I would recommend this dog food to anyone who has a dog with Diabetes and is having difficulty controlling their blood sugars; my vet also said he would recommend this to any patients/owners who have newly diagnosed dogs with Diabetes. Thank you Evo, you have helped me and my dog Oliver! December 28, 2012
Good for my dog. This is the first weight management food that I've ever had for my dog that she has actually liked. I hope she doesn't gain weight on it because she is supposed to lose weight, but I am a pushover for those sad eyes and the endless wait next to the bowl. I have never had to govern a diet kibble. October 21, 2013
Speedy delivery! After a long search for a high-quality grain free dog food, my mother-n-law found Evo and told us about it. We switched our dog (12 yr old German Shepherd) from Nutro to Evo about 3 years ago and haven't looked back! When our dog has blood work done, our vet always tells us he has the blood work of a puppy! When the recalls from Evo began in April we had a hard time getting it in to our local Pet Supplies Plus. I called Evo and the customer service rep recommended we try I not only found it cheaper online through Chewy but I didn't have to special order it from Pet Supplies Plus or drive the 25 minutes into town to pick it up. It came right to my doorstep. It was a speedy delivery and we are very happy! August 13, 2013
Better than prescription diet for diabetic dogs. After review of dog foods at my vet, I went to do my own research. Evo had the least carbs and enough to maintain my dog's needs. He was diagnosed with diabetes with blood sugars over 650. He is down to 6 units of insulin bid with the evo. Thanks to this food and treats for keeping my little Ashton alive and well. November 5, 2012
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