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Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic

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Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic, 1000 count

One day, there will be a magic pill that helps reduce shedding. Oh wait… there already is! Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic filled with protein, zinc, and biotin that keep your pet's coat shiny, healthy and attached right where it's supposed to be: your pal's body. Added garlic helps keep fleas away to reduce scratching and irritated skin, too!

Key Benefits

  • Supports healthy coats
  • Garlic deters fleas
  • Reduces shedding
  • Suitable for any breed

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Item Number 65298
Supplement Form
  • Tablet/Capsule

Ascorbic Acid (source of Vitamin C), biotin, debittered brewers dried yeast powder, dehydrated garlic, flax Seed, linoleic acid (omega 3), linoleic acid (omega 6), magnesium stearate, niacin, oleic acid (omega 9), riboflavin, silica aerogel, thiamine mononitrate, stearic acid, vegetable oil, and zinc oxide

Give 1 tablet for each 10 pounds of body weight, double the dosage daily for pregnant females. They can be given in food or offered as a reward or treat. 

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Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic Customer Reviews

Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic 4.7 5 41 41
No Fleas Been using this for years for fleas and ticks. No fleas. Occasional tick which have always been dead when I find them. It works if you use as directed. My boys think these tablets are treat. January 21, 2014
Great Product I use this product to help keep fleas off my dogs. I believe it works! December 13, 2013
My Golden Loves Them & No Fleas In search of a non-toxic flea/tick approach for my Golden, Jax, I bought these for him this past summer. He ate all his pills daily like a treat at dinner time. These pills do not work as a deterrent for ticks, but, they do seem to work for fleas. I never found one on him. I would do body searches twice a day for the ticks as no topical stops ticks from attaching ~ Jax acquired Anaplasma while on monthly topical treatments the summer before. Our Golden, did develop bad allergies over the summer and lost a lot of fur. But, do not blame the product because Jax has been having multiple ailments. He is now on a raw diet and we continue to give him these supplements. December 7, 2013
This product has great key benefits The Four Paws Brewers Yeast Tablets with Garlic where recommended from a friend to help with my dogs licking and scratching. I have been giving them to my dog for the last week and waiting for some results. Have not seen much difference yet but my dogs seems to love them. Hoping they will help soon. November 25, 2013
I'll give it 4 stars, only time will tell. It sure won't hurt the pets for the extra help in skin and coat appearance. It has other good features, I suggest check it out. September 15, 2013
Great for prevention of flea bite allergy!!! My dog is highly allergic to flea bites and was suffering from non-stop scratching 24/7. Nothing helped until we tried these yeast tablets with garlic. It took a few weeks of daily treatment but the scratching stopped completely and he no longer suffers from flea bite allergies. I add the tablets to his food and he eats them with no problem. My dog already had a silky coat so the additional ingredients were just a bonus to keep it healthy and reduce shedding. January 14, 2015
Great stuff Have not seen a flea since we started using these tablets. My dogs like the taste of the pill so no problem with them taking then daily. I can't believe what a good value this is. Also this is made in USA a huge plus!! December 21, 2014
excellent product I have tried many other products and this has worked wonderfully. We have a big tick problem in the Virginia country side and have witnessed a great decrease of them on our dogs. I was also having an indoor flea problem, after using this, no problem. December 15, 2014
have 2 eating them yeast is also good for pets too. hope they continue to eat them ea. day. one is a wild abandon,very hungry kitty. December 13, 2014
so far so good! just got a pup and she enjoys these as a morning treat! one/day!! i had a previous dog who turned her nose to these, so starting out as a pup is a great idea!! i will see down the road if she ever gets fleas...if not, wooohooo!! December 13, 2014
This may not be for everyone Although the tabs are a nice size, only 1 out of our 4 cats liked it. I don't know if they smell too garlicky, but all of them sniffed at it and "mouthed" it as if they knew it was food, but only one chomped it up. Sorry, but I'm not interested in grinding up a pill for the 3 other ones, so I probably won't be buying any more of this product. I hear it's great for coats and keeping away fleas, but this could be a stumbling block for others. December 1, 2014
Good price for a great product! My dog loves Four Paws Breyer's Yeast Tablets, and thinks of them as treats!!! November 12, 2014
my 4 dogs & elderly cat eat these like treats I think these vitamins are good for My pets. I give them to them almost daily. All of the dogs & surprisingly the cat likes to eat them and are part of the feeding regime to keep them healthy. November 8, 2014
No fleas with 7 dogs! I have used this product (or similar) for over 4 years now. I have seen exactly zero fleas in that time. I have seen two or three ticks, but never one that was feeding. Much better for your dogs than toxic chemicals, costs far less, and actually works better in my opinion. We just throw them into the bowls with kibble and they disappear with everything else. Note that dosing is dependent on weight- so I have a great Pyrenees that get 5 a day and a smaller (35lb) dog that get only 3. November 7, 2014
Our dogs love these tablets! Product shipped very quickly. I am happy to report our dogs love them! I ordered the product because it was recommended as a natural flea deterrent but unfortunately it did not help at all. I ended up changing flea protection. October 10, 2014
Great features Helps with skin and coat reduces shedding & itching & keep fleas and ticks off!! September 16, 2014
Excellent I really didn't think this would work for Jax's shedding but it has. September 12, 2014
Great looking coat. I bought this to help with my dogs fleas along with other natural treatments but I finally ordered Advantix II. Comfortis pills work great but I'm pretty sure they made one of my older dogs blind as he always got sick after treatment. I'm hoping this works after I get this infestation knocked out. I live in the country in tick central and I know garlic keeps ticks of me. I've had them bite me and back out because I put garlic powder on everything. Their coats look better than ever. I'll review again in a few months. September 11, 2014
My dogs love them I wasn't sure if my dogs would like them but they almost fight over these. I just wish they can in a larger pill size. At 1 pill per 10 lbs that's 8-10 little pills per dog. September 11, 2014
love it We have 5 dogs and 9 cats. They all love the tabs as treats in their daily food! Great product and a excellent price! August 27, 2014
holistic flea killer I'd been having a terrible problem with fleas on our golden retriever. He's on frontline plus monthly pill but this summer he's had a few fleas everyday that I had to pull off of him. That is until this week after giving him the recommended dosage of brewers yeast and garlic. It seemed to take about a week before I noticed the difference so I think it has to get in the bloodstream first. August 21, 2014
Love this product I have 6 dogs and they all love this product, which was not the case with other brewers yeast products i tried. The little ones eat them like treats and the bigger ones i add to their food. I have never had a problem with fleas ever since i have had them on Brewers yeast tablets. I def. recommend this product!! August 19, 2014
My dog is HAPPY! (not scratching bitting fleas and miserble) I cannot say enough great things about this product! Forget the flea spray, flea collar, and flea soaps, this product does it! She still has a few fleas, but very few. I think they just haven't got the memo yet, the garlic tastes bad and works good. Her coat is silky, her eyes are clear, - she actually smiles now!!!THANK YOU August 18, 2014
My dog loves the taste....and it works ! This product works to repel ticks and fleas throughout the year, no matter how hot the summer gets. I have had good results and have not used any flea or tick medications for the last two years since giving my dog brewers yeast with garlic. August 4, 2014
So Far So Good Have been using these faithfully on my 20 lb cockapoo and have not had any issues with fleas. While I did remove a couple of ticks, all in all very happy with the product. July 26, 2014
Great place to buy from shipping time A+ The Product is working very great and will always recommend it to others.Great place to buy from, the prices are very good and the shipping time is the fastest in my online experience. July 7, 2014
Cats love it My cats absolutely love these. It is their treat for the day. July 4, 2014
Great product My dogs love this and think it's a treat! Totally cured dry skin itching during the winter and now I give it all-year around for general health. June 24, 2014
This product has been recommended for my dogs This product was recommended by our breeder for a healthier coat with shine and the added benefit of reduced flea issues. My 2 terriers love the taste of it. I crush a tablet and sprinkle it over their morning & evening meal. June 18, 2014
Great Product I have not put my 8-month old kittens on any product for flees or mosquito bites other than this one, which they absolutely love. Mosquitoes have been very bad this spring in Florida and we have a fish pond besides, which the kittens love to play in and around. They have shown no signs of bites anywhere, while I am full of them! I wonder if this product is safe for people?!!!!!!!!! June 16, 2014
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