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Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra Canned Dog Food By Hill's Prescription Diet

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Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra Canned Dog Food

Food sensitivities and intolerance are potentially serious problems that can result in sensitive or irritated skin, coat and ear conditions or even gastrointestinal upset. Dogs that have a food sensitivity or intolerance, also called adverse reactions to food, typically experience an abnormal response to the protein in the food. If your dog suffers from adverse reaction to food, it is even more important to feed the right food.

Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra is formulated with the following benefits:

  • Formulated with Hill's Hydrolyzed Protein System, highly digestible proteins that minimize the chances of adverse reactions to food
  • No intact animal protein to help avoid adverse reactions to food
  • Highly digestible carbohydrates and fats to help reduce gastrointestinal workload
  • Increased in omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids to help nourish the skin
  • Added antioxidants to control cell oxidation and promote a healthy immune system and skin barrier function

NOTE: Hill's Prescription Diets require a veterinary prescription. This product will not be fulfilled until a copy of a valid prescription authorization is faxed to 786-528-6088 or e-mailed to

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Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra Canned Dog Food Customer Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Canine Ultra Canned Dog Food 4.6 5 15 15
My dog can't wait for me to open the can..... Bridget (my sealyham terrier) LOVES the Z/D product!! I give her some of the canned with the dry food - she thinks she is getting a treat every time she eats!! January 31, 2014
my dog absolutely loves this food Ziva is a picky eater except for this food. She goes at it like she is starving...but isn't January 22, 2014
Food has odd consistency I'd gotten this food from vet and the pet store a few times and decided to try to save money and time by getting it online. I chose Chewy because it had the best price. Normally this food has the consistency of pate or potted meat--moist but you can still slice it into smaller chunks. The first can I opened had a consistency that seemed drier. It fell apart in bits as I scooped it out. The second can was fine. The third can was back to gritty again. I have a dozen of them and my dog seems to be ok with the food, but I probably will try another company for the next batch. January 21, 2014
Our dog loves this food... Because of some allergies and other food sensitivities our vet prescribed Z/D. We had really resisted moving to "wet" food because of the inconvenience and mess compared to dry however the dog absolutely loves it, so we just couldn't bring ourselves to move back to dry. The only two issues I know of with this dog food are that (1) it doesn't smell great and (2) it is expensive as compared to other dog food no matter where you buy it. One thing to think about when setting up auto delivery is the number of cans you need vs. the default ship schedule. After I setup auto delivery, I contacted customer service and they were good enough to modify the auto ship schedule so that I won't run "over" building up a surplus of cans over time, and also wont run short so that we run out of cans before the next shipment arrives. Thanks Chewy! January 12, 2014
Chewy offers great savings on products. this product was the answer to my dog's serious health problems. November 23, 2013
My Shi Tzu loves this food! I bought the canned food originally to disguise some medicine that my dog needed twice a day. Now he demands his "appetizer" (although the medicine is no longer taken) before each of his dry food meals. November 18, 2013
Dobe Skin Allergies I have 2 dobermans that are very picky eaters. I was giving them a high end wet food as a appetizer to eat dry food. Well they have both developed skin rash, my two year old very severe. The only thing different was the canned food, so vet said try this canned food as their appetizer. Well they love the stuff. As far as the skin allergies go time will tell. October 28, 2013