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The Honest Kitchen Preference Dehydrated Dog Base Mix By The Honest Kitchen

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The Honest Kitchen Preference Dehydrated Dog Base Mix

This natural dog food foundation diet was designed to be mixed with your choice of raw meat, meaty bones, or cooked meat. Preference is ideal for sensitive dogs, raw feeders, and dogs who may need a unique protein source. This diet contains a custom vitamin-mineral premix with balanced calcium: phosphorus ratios, which are vital for the maintenance of healthy cells, bones and blood.

Preference is made with just dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Like all of The Honest Kitchen diets, it’s 100% human-grade, made in the USA, and does not contain corn, soy, rice, beet pulp or wheat. Just add water and meat for a fresh, wholesome and human-grade meal.

Key Benefits

  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Ideal for sensitive and raw fed dogs of all breeds and sizes
  • Just add meat for a complete meal
  • Grain-free & Gluten-free formula
  • Finely diced for easy digestion
  • Made in a human food facility with 100% human-grade ingredients from farm to your pets bowl
  • Made in the USA!

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Item Number 46345
  • Adult
  • Puppy
  • All Stages
  • Senior
Special Diet
  • Grain-Free
  • Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Dehydrated Food
  • Pre-Mix
Country of Origin
  • United States

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The Honest Kitchen Preference Dehydrated Dog Base Mix Customer Reviews

The Honest Kitchen Preference Dehydrated Dog Base Mix 4.8 5 44 44
Healthy for your dog I feed this to my sheltie mixed with either canned rabbitt or baked turkey. He is 11 yrs. old and has had problems with allergies for over 7 years. He had lost most of his hair and was constantly on antibiotics for bacterial infections. Since I have been feeding him the preference along with other holistic supplements in his food such as trace minerals, dog greens, antronex, milk thistle, Pro-Bi and rena cleanse, he is like a new dog. His hair has all grown back and more and he is back playing frisbee again. June 30, 2012
Both dogs excited to eat every day! I was making homemade food for my dogs but worried about them getting the correct nutrition. Their dry kibble is high quality but I liked adding more veggies and fruits to their diets. I have a Pom with a patella problem in one back knee who needed to lose some weight and a Yorkie/Shi Tzu mix who was always shy about eating. I tried a couple of different formulas from Honest Kitchen in trial sizes and found the Preference to be their favorite. Who wants to buy big boxes of something that they would snub, right? They do also like the Zeal and Thrive and I will probably try those in larger sizes later. I have been mixing the Preference with cooked turkey plus a tablespoon or so of olive oil. They look forward to their wet feeding every single day. Both have lost some weight and both are very energetic. My Pom has better stamina and seems to be favoring that knee much less. That progress has happened in about a month of feeding Preference. They didn't have any digestion issues and seem to be eating grass a bit less. Neither have had any of those days of stomach upset that all dogs seem to get from time to time. I'm quite pleased overall. The mix does have a very strong odor when warm that I dislike but my dogs seem to love :-) I use about 2 cups of mix plus a pound of turkey with the correct amount of water. This lasts the two of them just over a week with one feeding per day. They both weigh around 13#. September 17, 2012
Awesome Product! This product was sent from Heaven. I used to have to go to the farmers market and buy so many expensive vegetables, dependent on what was in season, to make my own blend for my two Boston Terriers. I am an avid believer in the nutritional benefits from a wholesome vegetable source. Not only do I save time and money with Honest Kitchen's Preference, but my boys are as heathy as can be. They also lost a bit of extra weight they were holding on to, from an almost 100% protein diet. I feed a raw diet and Preference by Honest Kitchen is the perfect nutritional raw compliment! Thank you Honest Kitchen!! February 14, 2012
your company Again ...I cannot stress enough how efficient your company is. I ordered the Preference and within a day it was delivered without shipping charges. You are probably the best company I have ever bought The Honest Kitchen from and will definitely continue to do so. Keep up the excellent work!! Thank you! April 5, 2013
Great for raw feeders I started using Preference 3 weeks ago and the results are all positive to date. I've been raw feeding for 18 years and my pugs love the Preference mix with every meat source from chicken to venison and I'm talking about 14 pugs from age 8 months to 14 years. I tried it for 2 nine year old, overweight rescues with age related medical issues. They have lost weight already and are more energetic, alert and playing with the puppies. At the same time I started using it with a 4 yr old retired champion who has been having recurring groin/abdominal rash-like irritations. His abdomen is rash and redness free now. I will continue using the Preference and see what happens as we move into spring. The remainder of the pugs have tried it as a variation to their normal diet and all have liked it. I find that I use a 1:1 mix to water ratio as I use raw meats. I add additional water if necessary. March 16, 2013
Preference My two Jack Russell Terriers eat this every day for dinner mixed with raw ground chicken or turkey and always a little added cooked fish. They have always loved it. I do however have to pick out the dried pieces of banana because sometimes they do not hydrate and stay hard. When that happens they would throw up the hard little banana pieces later which was gross. Now I just take the pieces out while the food is still dry and then make the food. I also make batches of the food and then freeze it in meal-size baggies and then freeze completely. I have been told to freeze the raw chicken and turkey to make it safer for them to eat. My older Jack is 17 years old now and I attribute his good health partly on feeding him this food! April 28, 2012
It's real food When was the last time you saw kibble growing in a field or saw it move in a pasture? Well this stuff is green like vegetables and has chunks of carrots, apples etc. Preference is great because I can add salmon, chicken, turkey, or beef and gives my dogs a change while ensuring they are getting best nutrients possible. February 28, 2013
Great product I feed a raw diet and Preference is fantastic to add so my dogs get their needed fruits and vegetables. When time allows I do blend my own but this is a fantastic way to go especially when traveling and trying to conserve space in the fridge or cooler. I have found that adding a little bit of warmer water does help it rehydrate quicker. Best thing I have found to do is actually add water and then let it sit for the day/night until I'm ready to make the next meal. The pups like that better too since then they don't have to wait as long to eat. Also after this preparing their meal, I do add more warm water so their food isn't too cold. This has worked well with a finicky JRT. Aside from this product being a bit pricey, I would highly recommend it. August 16, 2012
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