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Kyjen Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy By Kyjen

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Kyjen Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy

Just because it's time for a snack doesn't mean playtime is over! With the Kyjen Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy, every treat you drop in the top randomly falls into one of four flap-covered treat chambers. Your treat-sniffin' pal will have to figure out which chamber is hiding the treat and lift the flap to enjoy. The Drop Puzzle Dog Toy is a great way to slow down meal time, too… maybe now someone can actually taste their kibble before wolfing it down.

Key Benefits

  • Durable toy stands up to abuse
  • Four treat chambers
  • Interactive toy for people and pets
  • Helps keep cognitive function strong

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Kyjen Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy Customer Reviews

Kyjen Kibble Drop Puzzle Dog Toy 4 5 30 30
Mental stimulation I had seen some of these treat puzzles in stores and thought they looked a little flimsy. When I saw the great price that offered I couldn't resist. I only have an 18 pound dog; it might not withstand a dog with a bigger mouth, but it is perfect for my girl. The treat doors come off so that I can hand wash it and the inside rinses out easily. My dog loves watching me pour her food down the middle and working to open the doors and get her reward. Looking forward to using this in the cold winter months when we can't be outside to get as much exercise. Would recommend this for small/medium sized dogs. October 20, 2013
Nice product One of my dogs does not do very well with challenging treat dispensing toys. This one works great for her. She is not discouraged by it, and will work with it until she accomplishes her task. It is very well constructed and is easy to wash. Very happy with this company. October 15, 2013
My doggy loves this! A fun way to interact with your dog and give them treats in a more interesting way. My dog loves sniffing out the treat and figuring out how to open the little latch. Pretty durable, too, even with my dog's tendency to chew and crush things with her jaw! January 2, 2013
Pretty good puzzle I was surprised that of the three puzzles I purchased this was the most difficult for my dogs to figure out. However, now that they have it figured out there isn't much of a challenge to it. Although, because of the design, it does require the dog use his snout to open so keeping it on the floor makes it more difficult because the dog has to get down low to lift up the flap. It is well made and my large dog that loves to chew up plastic things hasn't taken one bite at it. Seems very durable. July 19, 2013
Funny to watch My golden licks through the hole on each flap and sucks the food up. It is funny to watch on how she figures it out. I did have to show her how it was done several times but she liked her way better. June 25, 2013
Good toy but not their favorite I got this for my my pomeranian and italian greyhound to play with. My pomeranian isnt so patient so got bored with it fast and just wanted the treat from my hand. my italian greyhound figured out how to use real fast but sometimes cant figure out that the treats will fall to different areas, so he just looks in the same one the treat fell in the first time. I usually have to show him wich one it fell in but he is started to figure out the idea. August 13, 2013
Great way to make your dog work for his food My dog always acts like he is starving, this game allows us to interact and prolongs the time it takes for him to eat. Its amazing how fast he picked it up too! February 6, 2013
Fun for all... This is great for stimulating the mind. It is a good challenge for my German Shepherd puppy. With training to use this gently it should last for years. He did remove one of the doors, but it easily snapped back on. It is fun to watch him work for his treat. June 14, 2014
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