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Pet Naturals of Vermont Agility DMG Dog Chews By Pet Naturals of Vermont

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Pet Naturals of Vermont Agility DMG Dog Chews

AGILITY DMG has been designed to support performance, stamina, stress reduction, muscle recovery, mental focus and everyday immunity which makes it a perfect formula for an active canine competing in performance events or for a dog that's just having fun and needs a little extra energy. These yummy chicken liver flavored chews are suitable for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages.

Key Benefits

Stress Reduction: DMG helps the body recover from the stress of oxygen debt. In stressful situations lactic acid levels increase in the blood as a result of impaired oxygen availability. DMG increases oxygen utilization and decreases lactic acid build-up in the blood, thus reducing cramping and muscle fatigue

Immune Response: DMG has been shown to support immune response, as reported in two published studies. An immune response is extremely beneficial to the competitive or active dog exposed to frequent dog-to-dog contact.

Focus & Concentration: When animals experience anxiety it tends to increase lactic acid levels, which can affect brain chemistry. Athletes have reported that DMG improved their focus and concentration as well as overall performance

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