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Petmate Ultra Vari Pet Kennel Fashion, Small

By Petmate
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Petmate Ultra Vari Pet Kennel Fashion, Small

Petmate's Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion provides you with a safe travel & training kennel for your pet. The durable plastic shell comes with heavy-duty, easy to assemble hardware. Each kennel features an easy-open squeeze latch, metal side vents to promote healthy air flow & an interior floor moat to keep your pet dry. Convenient tie-down strap holes allow you to zip-tie the kennel together for added security during airline travel. The Vari Kennel Ultra Fashion is eco-friendly & meets most airline requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Safe travel & training
  • Simple assembly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Meets most airline requirements


  • Small: 21 X 16 X 15 cats and dogs up to 15 lbs

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Item Number 68691
Country of Origin
  • United States
Breed Size
  • Extra Small
  • Small

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Petmate Ultra Vari Pet Kennel Fashion Customer Reviews

Petmate Ultra Vari Pet Kennel Fashion 4.2 5 10 10
this is a wonderful product that has served the pet industry sucessfully for years (decades) I ordered these crates because I know their quality. However I would have appreciated that they matched in color. Ok they are both blue but one is quite a bit lighter that the other, probably due to a different batch. The lighter one also has stress lines where in was either dropped on its front or hit with a fork lift. Catherine Thompson June 30, 2014
nice color- extra nuts and bolts provided A good size crate for our Jack Russel Terrier/mix. He likes resting in it as an additional crate in our house in a different room from where his main crate is located. Easy to use for car transport. June 19, 2014
Well made kennel I brought our new Havanese puppy home in this kennel which was a four hour drive. He did really well in it. I'm sure giving him a Himalayan chew helped too. It is well made, easy to assemble, and even has extra screws included. My breeder remarked on how lovely the blue color was. Seems much sturdier than the ones from the big box stores too, I guess only time will tell on how well it holds up. I don't think it would be approved for airline use as there are no vents in the back of the kennel. June 18, 2014
Petmate Ultra Vari Pet Kennel Fashion Well, thank you for company's fast and kind services. I liked this Kennel type carrier on internet pic. But the handle on the top looks really weak to hold, the plastic is very thin,too. I can say good enough for my 11lb dog. By the way I tried to put some products that I am going to need or buy in my shopping cart, but one day they were all gone, and I'll tried to save other stuff in my shopping cart today again. It is not working,either. Is there problem here on this site?? I have to save them again someday in my shopping cart. It will take some time to find the same stuff that I am going to need near the future. Anyhow, I want to recommend strongly, because of the price, good products, good services. I wish I always have money to buy what I need.^o^ Go,Check! what's on sale today!! May 8, 2014
Strong, easy to use Purchased two for two 15 pound cats. They are large enough that both cats could fit in one provided they got along! Easy to assemble, disassemble. For pet comfort will line with old blankets instead of purchasing bedding/carrier pads. Clean up (if needed) is a snap! April 8, 2014
Traditional standard carrier Many year proven standard durable container. Material thicker and door more reliable than the now cheapened product lines December 15, 2013
Great quality that lasts through the years Been using Petmate Ultra Vari Pet Kennel's for 21 years. Quality is excellent. When I buy a new one its not because it broke, but have a new cat, who deserves their own plus improvements in design are made through the years. Excellent size for a cat for those trips to the vet. Not confining as cat can turn around, stand up, & even get under mat/bed in carrier to hide when we walk through the door going into the vet. September 6, 2013
flimsy plastic, not the high quality product this once was years ago! I was sorely disappointed by Petmate's lack of quality when they seemed to make high quality products in the past. I was expecting more when I got this crate! Let me explain: I had previously been borrowing a breeder's "Petmate Delux Vari Kennel". This older one (I'm guessing this crate might be about 7-10 yrs old) has strong thick plastic, it doesn't bend a bit when you push against it. The door was fastened with a circular easy to open twist knob.The fasteners on the side are strong and the entire kennel feels very dependable and secure... something you'd trust your dog in on a plane or while on a long road trip. That is everything THIS Petmate "Fashion" kennel is NOT. I scoured the internet looking for anything resembling this older model and they all looked like the same flimsy crates. Sure enough, I ordered this and the plastic felt very flimsy... you can easily bend it. My 8lb Papillon goes into it and fits just fine but when I pick up the crate I can feel the bottom bending a little with just her weight. Wow... The pieces that hold it together feel fragile and never seem to tighten all the way. The bolts are plastic. I would feel more confident just zip tying the two halves of the crate together! The lock on this model is also a little tricky to open if you happen to have smaller/petite hands as well. Overall, I'm quite dissatisfied... I'm reluctant to return this unless someone can guarantee the next kennel will be of higher quality parts/materials. I'm afraid many dog crates these days will be of low quality and disposable such as this one. The plus: it's relatively affordable (though, for around $50, I was still expecting something a bit sturdier), the alligator print in the plastic molding is a nice touch, has a 5 year limited warranty, comes with double extra parts (bolts/screws), and this is obviously a light weight crate. Thanks Chewy for the great service, I just wish Petmate would have kept up the awesome quality they were once known for. August 6, 2014
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