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Petmate UV Light Infinity Purifying Water Fountain For Dogs By Petmate

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Petmate UV Light Infinity Purifying Water Fountain For Dogs

Playing pups need to stay hydrated, but stagnant water's not so appetizing. The UV Light Infinity Waterer for Dogs from Petmate gives your pal a continual flow of water that travels through a two-stage filtration system to remove any harmful bacteria or waterborne pathogens. A UV light and charcoal filter clean the water, and the constant-flow fountain makes sure it's always cool and refreshing. Now that we've all had a sip, who's ready to fetch?

Key Benefits

  • Patent-pending UV light filter
  • Keeps water cool and circulating
  • Two-stage filtration system
  • Oxygenates water
  • Promotes healthy bodies

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Petmate UV Light Infinity Purifying Water Fountain For Dogs Customer Reviews

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cheap construction, waste of money Bought two of these. One worked for almost 2 minutes. The other lasted less than 3 days and made horrible noises half the time while I continually reset it. It is a good concept, great design but built so poorly it just doesn't work. There is a tiny pump with a drive shaft about the size of a pencil lead, flattened on one side. That flat part is what drives a good size Archimedes screw shaped water lift pump made of fairly soft plastic. The drive shaft chews that up so it is a D shaped drive in a round hole - which does nothing - so no water is pumped, no water is filtered, no water is run thru the tiny LED size UV light. Spend your money on something that is built with pride! January 8, 2014
Bought two, one works badly, one not at all These are a good design but are made very cheaply. The connection between the pump motor and the impeller is so fragile that even if it does work at first, the pets bumping the thing kicks it out, and the driver post from motor to impeller is so thin that the slightest wear is going to make it no longer work. Of the two I bought, one did not work at all because the motor/impeller connection seems to be a big problem. The other has managed to produce a tiny stream of water for two days now, until one of the animals bumps it, at which point it makes awful grinding noises and the water stops moving and I have to reset the motor/impeller unit. A good design but made so cheaply and poorly that even if it does work at first I can't see it lasting very long. If they were better quality I'd have bought a few more. There has to be better made waterers out there to spend your money on. December 31, 2013
stopped working The motor to control the flow of water stopped working after 3 days. Seemed chincy to begin with but that confirmed it when the unit stopped working. Chewy has great customer service though and handled the issue well. July 1, 2013
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