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PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar By PetSafe

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PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar

Postal workers, next-door neighbors and sleep-deprived family members all agree: the barking's got to stop. The PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar uses 3 correction modes, each with 6 levels of correction, to deliver static correction whenever your dog barks. Deluxe Bark Contol Collars have a patented Perfect Bark technology that ensures the only time correction is triggered is when your pal raises his voice.

Key Benefits

  • For dogs 8 pounds and up 3 correction modes, each with 6 levels of correction
  • Automatic or manual mode
  • Patented Perfect Bark technology ensures only your dog's bark will cause the correction
  • Durable, waterproof receiver collar
  • Good/low battery indicator
  • Collar uses PetSafe RFA-67 battery (included)
  • Collar color- red

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PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar Customer Reviews

PetSafe Deluxe Bark Control Collar 4.8 5 10 10
These Work! I have tried in vain to get my dogs from barking all times of the day, especially early in the morning. These collars are wonderful! I bought 3, one for each of my dogs. I may have to return one, because my 2 have adjusted already to not barking. It's amazing! October 8, 2013
Works great!!! I was very happily surprised at how effective this product has been. 50 pound outdoor pet loves to sleep all day and bark all night.., not anymore. She's still a night owl but a much more silent one. Correction mode 2 has worked since day one. She's tested it twice, and yes I felt a little bad about it, but the product won both times. Every now and then we might hear a subtle under-her-breath 'woof' but now 99% of our evening is quiet. Big thumbs up for this product. March 26, 2014
LOVE LOVE LOVE NO BARKING! My boyfriend and I have a 6 pound morkie. He is now 9 months old (I brought him home when he was 4 months). He is from a pet store and spent 4 months of his life in a cage (it's upsetting). Crate training has not been the easiest. I even bought a luxury playpen for him as an alternative. No matter what I did, I came back to a soiling mess, and a BARKING DOG! He would bark for hours (SEVERE SEPARATION ANXIETY). When he is out of the crate, and left alone, all he does is bark. I could leave the room for 3 minutes and the barking would pursue. I was so hesitant to purchase a shock collar (I looked into the vests, sprays, training methods, YOU NAME IT). I finally decided to purchase this. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. No more barking! I have not used it for a week yet so we have to see what happens in the long run. I am worried it temporarily corrects the problem, and without it after regular use, the problem will not change. We will see what happens. For the time being, to prevent angry neighbors, household members, the collar is an investment. It's also great to have a dog that is not out of breath when I get home. He also seems calmer. February 16, 2014
Bark Collar I bought 2 kinds of Pet Collars by this company. All work WONDERFUL!!!!! The house is now nice and quiet & not all that barking when people come to the door or just walk by.Wish I would have bought them years ago. (2 of the collars are just the vibrating ones for pups that are scared easily )After less than a week,as long as I put the collars on them,they dont even bark(I dont even have to turn them on ) December 23, 2013
Does the job, but a bit bulky Works well. Easy to adjust the voltage. I am using this on a 25 pound dog and it seems really bulky on him, but seems to work just fine. It would be way to bulky on a small dog, and would probably not work correctly due to the difficulty in keeping the contacts against the skin without making the collar too tight. Very easy to put on and take off. My indoor dog only wears it outside. It is simple to keep it by the door and put it on before he goes out. October 24, 2013
This product will do very well. Dog pretty much quit barking in the two days. Directions could be clearer and the snap that secures the collar is hard to work. I have ours set on the first level of intensity and is plenty for him. If he barks at all it's only once and he get the message. I don' think I will have to use it much longer. September 2, 2013
It really works!! After years of annoying barking, we purchased the Petsafe Bark Control Collar. The first time we put it on the dog, we couldn't get it off the highest setting so once he barked, he screeched and it kept vibrating. We later figured out how to lower the setting and when someone came to the house, we put the collar on and NO BARKING!! (My Mother thought we got rid of the dog!) Now, when he gets excited, all we do is put the collar on him, sometimes, not even turning it on! Just the feel of the collar around his neck is enough to keep our little guy from barking. I highly recommend this collar! July 2, 2014
It works! I bought this collar for my 2 year old Westie and it definitely works. As I have a terrier, she is definitely a barker and this collar correctlys her quite effectively. I hated having to put it on her, but it was clear that the collar doesn't hurt her, it just startles her, and she is learning quite quickly to not bark when the collar is on. I'd definitely recommend this! June 2, 2014
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