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PetSafe Easy Walk Red & Black Dog Harness By PetSafe

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PetSafe Easy Walk Red & Black Dog Harness

There's a right way and a wrong way to walk on a leash; bad news for most pups; pulling is never right! The PetSafe Easy Walk Red & Black Dog Harness encourages correct leash-walking by moving the attachment point from the sensitive throat to the front of the chest, allowing you to guide your dog and discouraging lunging or pulling at the leash. Available in multiple sizes and perfect for any breed.

Key Benefits 

  • Discourages pulling on the leash
  • Perfect for teaching dogs to walk nicely on a leash
  • Easy to fit and use immediately
  • 4 adjustment points provide maximum comfort and reliable fit
  • Martingale loop in chest piece prevents twisting
  • Quick-snap buckles on shoulder and belly straps for easy on and off
  • Belly strap is a complementary color, making it easy to tell which strap goes over the shoulders and which strap goes under the belly

*See Recommended Usage for sizing details

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PetSafe Easy Walk Red & Black Dog Harness Customer Reviews

PetSafe Easy Walk Red & Black Dog Harness 4.7 5 19 19
Reduces stress for the nervous dog We recently adopted a shelter dog who is afraid of EVERYTHING and stresses out with even a minimal amt. of pull from a leash or harness. The shelter used an Easy Walk and recommended it--works great! In the week since we brought Gifford home, he now lets me lead him on walks, instead of the other way around. I highly recommend this harness, especially for the nervous types. November 1, 2013
Great harness!! Bad for biters... This harness is a great tool for anyone that has a dog that pulls. I have a small puppy (a pomeranian) that has issues pulling. I originally had him on a regular collar, but he was pulling so hard on it that he would gag. As soon as he began to have that issue I bought him a cheap harness at Target. This harness solved the gagging issue, but did nothing to control the pulling. Instead, it exacerbated the issue by allowing him to pull without choking... I looked into some alternatives and found this harness to be highly rated. I did some research and ordered it. I ordered it in a size too small the first time, but I tried it out. I loved how my puppy stopped pulling and started looking to me for direction. I did not have to do any training whatsoever. The only issue was that it did not fit properly and slipped around in the wrong places and could not be made any larger. I ordered a larger size and it came quickly. I put the harness on my puppy to get him used to wearing it before I took him on a walk. I left him with it on for a few moments. I noticed him trying to bite at it (which is a bad habit he picked up with his last harness - bitter sprays don't work on him) and I thought nothing of it and turned around to do something else (we're talking less than 10 minutes here). As soon as I got ready to take him out for the walk I reached down to clip his collar on and realized he had chewed almost halfway through it. I'm sad that the material isn't strong enough to handle chewing... my puppy is still teething and so this is not going to work for me. If your dog does not chew on his harnesses then this will probably work amazingly for you! January 22, 2014
Great for regular pulling, but not lunging I have a 66lb Australian Cattle dog mix. I bought this after he started to pull even against his Gentle Leader when walking. With training treats and praising him for staying close by, he would still pull BADLY if another dog walked by or if he smelled something - he would just take off. I hoped this harness would curb that, which it did. Every time he deviated from the sidewalk I could just tug and he would stop dead in his tracks. He learned very quickly to fall in at my side and walk calmly. I have to admit, I found this harness VERY difficult to size. If he pulls too hard he can easily slip a limb out, but I feel like he is clipped in as tight as I can get it. But like I said, he walks right next to me with this harness, which is great. Okay, the con to this harness is, we have another dog in our house. If the female goes ballistic on a walk over another dog, mine will follow and lunge at other dogs because she is barking and flipping out on the end of her leash. He almost slipped out of the harness while doing this, which could have been dangerous. Thankfully he isn't aggressive, but I don't know what he could have done since he was being egged on by the female dog. Short version: Great for regular pulling, wish it was easier to size. Would probably be a better choice for medium/small dogs. Not a good choice for dogs that lunge - I would recommend the Gentle Leader for that - even though more training is involved to get them used to a head collar. March 25, 2014
Not a good option for my doberman My doberman was trained professionaly on a standard nylon collar, and he did well on walks. However, when I would take him to the park or an event with other dogs, he immediatly disengaged from his training and dragged me around. I used several other types of collars, but ultimatley tried this harness thinking we'd have more control over his body. I think he found this to be the least effective as he pulled against it without any discomfort - yes we had it fitted properly. Was not a good option for a determined large dog. Would recommend for smaller dogs, and those who respond to minor corrections. March 25, 2014
Makes Walks a Breeze This harness was recommended by a behaviorist and works amazingly. Walks are so much easier and enjoyable. March 20, 2014
EXCELLENT HARNESS, THE ONLY ONE I BUY FOR ANY DOG! I LOVE this Easy Walk Harness for any type or size of dog!!! I am a dog owner and Lover for over 47 years and I highly recommend this harness for ANY DOG large or small for many reasons ... First a dog can Not wiggle out of it as my small dog is really good at with all other collars and harnesses. Second my large Aussie, 60 lb., who has a thing for chasing trucks can Not pull me off my feet any more. YOU have complete easy control with kindness to the dog. I was first introduced to this harness in a dog obedience training course and have bought them for all 4 of my dogs. Including my senior dog because it is designed not to put pressure on the dog's neck so I am not contributing to his arthritis pain when on a leash with this wonderful harness. So your dog can not pull you wether a small or large dog, you aren't yanking on it's neck, the dog walks beside you or can't get too far out front and beyond your control, and it can't wiggle out like a Houdini! I also volunteer at a dog rescue and recommend this harness to everyone! Plus they are very, very adjustable for sizing! So even if your dog grows or gains or loses weight you can still use the same harness. I have had all mine for many years and they still work great and look new! The quality of the harness and clever design make it by far the best harness ever! Dogs can also wear a collar with this harness for identification purposes and/or you can put tags on this harness too for when on walks. I recommend taking the harness off when not on walks and keeping the harness hooked to the dog's leash so it is all ready to go when you need it. If you are really stumped for a size to buy you could fit it at a store but BUY IT HERE at and SAVE A LOT OF MONEY! Also Customer Service is AWESOME and very helpful all the time, 24/7, just give them a call! WE LOVE CHEWY.COM!!! March 20, 2014
Love this harness! My sweet yorkiepoo hates his collar but wears this harness like a champ! He doesn't whine and scratch at it like he did his collar! So glad I ordered! March 17, 2014
works just like it says! My pups are pulling maniacs. Between training through Petco and this harness I don't need to use the pinching collar anymore! And my magician pup can't Houdini his way out of it either! February 14, 2014
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